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Tame the dragon by Catiza Tame the dragon by Catiza
This was so much fun to draw but i now now why i hate to draw nature again :) The bamboo was killing me and i had to do it a few times. I do like how the endresulte looks. I want to be in the picture and drink a cup of tea x3

Competition: Dragon Horse Show 2016
Class: Liberty
Horse: RFS Aurelion
Trainer: Leona D'jango
Music: Baboo flute
Placed: 1st place :D

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“I can’t stand all that bamboo anymore. Green, green and MORE green!” said Caithlyn annoyed.
Caithlyn was regretting it that she volunteered to go with Leona to China for the competition.
The last few days were nothing but walking and working. And there was bamboo everywhere you looked.
“I thought we were getting some free time from training and see China” said Caithlyn.

“Well, you knew we were going for a competition. You can’t expect to have a lot of free time when

you need to train the horses” said Leona with a smile. Caithlyn walked a little faster towards the ranch.
Leona didn’t want to change paste.
A short while after the walk through the bamboo forest she arrived in the stable. Aurelion was half asleep.
Leona could understand it. They both have been training a lot and she deserved that last bit of rest
before the competition started. Leona decided to leave Aurelion for now and walked towards the guesthouse.
She put the key in the lock, put on her alarm clock and went to sleep.

Leona stood up and got ready for the competition. After she was dressed and clean she walked to the
stable and saw a happy Aurelion. “Good evening Galaxy” said Leona. She looked in the stable and saw
a bucket filled with apples. Caithlyn had been there already then. Aurelions coat was also shining and her
manes were soft. Leona put a halter over Aurelions head and walked with her to an open place on the ranch.
She then tied Aurelion to bamboo and walked back to the stable to get the costume. Leona didn’t want
everybody to see the costume before the competition. It had to be a surprise for most people. Aurelion stood
perfectly still as Leona put on the costume. Everything fitted perfect and Aurelion didn’t seem to be bothered
by the headpiece and the long dragon tail.

“And now the next contestant! The beautiful Aurelion from RockyFall Stable, Austria!”. Aurelion looked around
the arena and stood still for a second. Leona gave her a few confident pets on her neck and then left the arena.
Aurelion was trained to start the performance as soon as the music started. She was waiting and waiting.. and
finally the music started. She started to walk, show of the costume and give it the best she got. She loved it.

400 words

    :bulletblack: Stock: American Saddlebred Stock
    :bulletblack: Horse: RFS Aurelion
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom intuos
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November 13, 2016
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