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RFS Rictusempra by Catiza RFS Rictusempra by Catiza
General point journal / Full design

  RFS Rictusempra

Causes an extreme tickling sensation

Full name/ RFS Rictusempra
Nickname/ Ricky
Gender/ Mare
Birthday/ 21 November 2017
Age/ 0 years
Height/ 1.64 - 1.68 M expected
Breed/ Zlesdin  / ID: ZM0258

Genetics/ Ee/aa/gg/nprl/nz (Cream and Pearl possible, but not shown)
Color/ Black Sabino
Markings/ Sabino, Irregular stripe

     ║ Training, Pedigree and Breeding ║

Owned by/ -
Main discipline/ Not trained
Bred by/ Rockyfall stable


                      ┌───────────── SSS: RD's Sir Tan
    ┌──────   SS: RD's Sir Dusk   
    │                └───────────── SSD: RD Shadow Queen
Sire: RFS Lumos  
    │                ┌───────────── SDS: Unknown
    └──────   SD: Kulrang Farishta
                      └───────────── SDD: Unknown

                      ┌───────────── DSS: Unknown
    ┌──────   DS: Unknown
    │                └───────────── DSD: Unknown
Dam: GHS Ameerah
    │                ┌───────────── DDS: Unknown
    └──────   DD: Unknown
                      └───────────── DDD: Unknown

Foals and slots

:bulletred: Breedingslots closed :bulletred:

Rules: Zlesdin or Zlesdin accepted breeds only
Price: 200 points/€2,- OR fullbody breedingpic

♦ Slot 1/ Personal use
♦ Slot 2/ Personal use
♦ Slot 3/ Personal use
♦ Slot 4/ Personal use
♦ Slot 5/ Personal use
♦ Slot 6/ Closed :bulletred:
♦ Slot 7/ Closed :bulletred:
♦ Slot 8/ Closed :bulletred:
♦ Slot 9/ Closed :bulletred:
♦ Slot 10/ Closed :bulletred:

     ║ Personality ║

Base: Brave: I'll take on anything that comes my way!
Querks 1: Loves being bathed
Querks 2: Loves to steal things out of your pockets, ohhhhhhh shiny!
Worst fear: Horse poop, yes...horses are quite often scared of their own poop
Herd mentality: The lonesome type, happy with his own company. Stand by their self in the pasture
Favorite treat: Licorice
Personality by Horse Personality Randomizer

Ricky is the most fearless foal you will ever meet. She will kick you if she doesn't like you, she will steal your expensive watch and she will do anything to stay entertained.
The only thing Ricky will always be afraid of is dirt. She loves her clean coat and will despise you if you make it dirty. This fear goes in combination with another great fear
of Ricky: poop. Her stable needs to be cleaned out on time so she doesn't get to stressed out by it. In the herd Ricky prefers to be alone and eating her grass. She will
stand by the herd from time to time, but will always prefer her own company over the company with others.

Friends with/ Máni, Arania, Jack
Neutral with/ Aqua, Marshmallow, Lumos
Enemies with/ -

     ║ Competition career ║


Aerwyn has placed 0 out of the 0 competition where she participated.


     ║ Pictures ║

[1] Ricky design
[2] EquiBreak: Madonna
[3] EquiBreak: Snow

By others
[1] Payment Catiza Loafer and Rictusempra
[2] YHH Commission Catiza
[3] YHH2 Commission Catiza
[4] Christmas time
[5] It's freezing out here
[6] Catiza Commission 3/3
[7] Rictusempra Yhh for Catiza
[8] Horse YHH
[9] [Payment] Fullbodies Pt1 - Catiza

     ║ Point systems ║

Zlesdin | Fleder [Rank 3/7] | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | 41 ZP
EquineRPG  | Rich blood [Rank 3/7] | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | 73,5 P
HARPG-International  | Novice [Rank 1/7] | :bulletyellow: | 57 XP
NL-HARPG  | x [Rank 0/4] | x | 13 P
DutchHARPG | x [Rank 0/4] | x | 8,5 P

     ║ Awards and Achievements ║


     ║ Credits ║

Design by Catiza
No refernece used
Made the background myself
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Ace118 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
Aw cute
Catiza Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :)
ArcticNomad Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Lovely little foal! And nice name :D
Catiza Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! I'll try to draw her with her mom sometime :)
ArcticNomad Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
That's sweet :) (Smile) I want draw them together too at some point but I can't promise it will happen any time soon :D (Big Grin)  
Zoubstance Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
...I am 100% a big fan of the HP-spells theme for Lumos' offspring line :la: I love it!
Ricky is really dashing; she already looks like a lil queen <3
Catiza Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Haha thank you! I'm sure you'll see her around soon :)
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