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RFS Jack o Lantern [OLD] by Catiza RFS Jack o Lantern [OLD] by Catiza

New reference

:bulletorange::bulletorange: RFS Jack o Lantern :bulletorange::bulletorange:

Stable name: Jack
Full name: RFS Jack 'o Lantern
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Birthdate: 30 october 2010
Breed: Friesian
Height: 1.70 m
Color: Black (with fantasy manes/tail)
Markings: -x-
Genetics: Ee/aa
Dicipline: Dressage


:bulletpink:Unknown x :bulletblue:Unknown

:bulletpink: - :bulletpink:Unknown x :bulletblue:Unknown
:bulletblue: - :bulletpink:Unknown x :bulletblue:Unknown

[1] Friday the Thirteenth
    :bulletblue: | Fludra Type T x Fantasy Friesian | EE/aa/nNck/nRd | from SentowerPark

[2] Jack the Ripper
    :bulletblue:| Pure friesian | Ee/aa | from Valarie5

[3] RFS Petrichor | Breeding Picture
    :bulletblue: | Friesian x Quanan | ee/Aa/Zz | from Catiza

:bulletorange: Open for breeding! Make an offer:bulletorange:


Jack is a very sweet horse. He loves other horses and animals and would take a bullet for the ones
he trust. He loves to run and take a bucket of apples after. Jack is addicted to appels. Apples everywhere.
He has a temper. He is not a beginner horse and will not like it if someone else beside Leona or Dante
rides him. If you do he will test you and try to throw you of.Jack also doesn't like to have a crowd
around him. The only place he excepts a large group of people is when he is preforming in the ring. The
other horses see him as a leader. This is partly because a lot of horses see him as either a father figure
or as their protecter. Jack doesn't see himself as the leader of the herd.

Base: Caregiver: I am a very giving individual, and get a lot of personal satisfaction from the happiness of others around me.
Querks 1: Sneezes a lot
Querks 2: Will nuzzle and tickle you but while you clean his hooves
Worst fear: Clowns
Herd mentality: The leader of the flock
Favorite treat: Apples

Personality by Horse Personality Randomizer


Grand champion | 2x

[1] Halloween competition | Cross | Entry
    Not placed | No proof - Competition outside DA

[2] Freestyle Academie Dressage Competition | Dressage | Entry
    3th place | No proof - Competition outside DA

[3] AAS Medieval days | Racing | Entry
    1th place | No proof - Competition outside DA

[4] The Auralyki wintershow | Liberty | Entry
    11th place | Proof | Price

[5] Villa Gana first winter show | Dressage | Entry
    8th place + Grand Champion | No proof

[6] Colon Cancer Awareness Show | Liberty | Entry
    1th place | Proof | Price

[7] 3rd Annual Black Feather Fest | Dressage | Entry
    2th place + Grand Champion | Proof | Price


[1] Jack-o-lantern faceshot 
[2] Happy halloween 
[3] Run devil run 
[4] Halloween competition C
[5] Freestyle Academy entery C
[6] Medieval competition C
[7] How do i eat? 
[8] Not in the woods 
[9] Sebastian cosplay 
[10] Happy halloween everybody 
[11] Autumn training T
[12] I got you! 
[13] Jack's a free elf C
[14] Now we're here 
[15] Preparing Jackie 
[16] Another practice T
[17] The cold can't stop us C
[18] Another picture -_- 
[19] DS #1 
[20] Even the big horses were small once
[21] Let there be halloween
[22] Jack's wind
[23] Winter Blue C
[24] Morning training T
[25] Dancing in crystal light C
[26] Behave black monster
[27] All apples shall be mine!
[28] New icons
[29] We are the hearts
[30] Jack en Tar klaar
[31] Halloween run
[32] My children
[33] In the wind we run
[34] All together
[35] Pink means love

Other people:
[1] Pixelart for cesiel - Shinystar5
[2] Jack-o-lantern Pixel Horse - Sunset-kennel
[3] Commision - Cesiel - Eddielover
[4] Breedingpic Reggae - SentowerPark
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[7] Reference Comm Catiza 2
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| :trophy::trophy:| Devine blood | 359,5 P
NL-HARPG | :star::star::star: | Star Three Horse | 74,75 P
DutchHARPG| :star::star::star: | 3 sterren | 75,25 P
HARPG International |
:star::star::star: | Elite | 315 XP


Price for Rich blood -
Price for Devine blood -


My own design
Don't use it or claim it as your own
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