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Morning training by Catiza Morning training by Catiza
It's doneeeI am a dummy!
I dont have much time because of my internship, but i still managed to finish the training for the competition.
I wanted to practise with some different lighting and i think it turned out pretty well :3

It is early in the morning. Leona woke up way sooner then expected. she stayed in her bed and rolled around a few times. After a while she got bored and got out of bed. Would Jack be up, she thought. She decided to go to the stables. She putted on some simple and lose clothes and walked out of her room to the stables.

"Goodmorning Jackie" Leona said almost whispering. She didn't want to wake any of the other horses. Jack sniffed Leona's sweater and looked for apples.
"Sorry boy. I don't have apples right now"
Jack looked up and walked to his waterbucket to drink. Leona went looking for the bridle and put it on Jack when she got back at the stable.
"Let's go for a morning run" she said while leading Jack out of the stable.

Jack was refusing to run any harder then he felt like. He was a bit grumpy because he didn't slept a long time. Leona tried to train with him, but she caught his mood fast and decided to let go of the rope. A training with only a bridle is good to do once in a while. She gave Jack commands with sounds that he needed to follow. Although Jack didn't felt like obeying all of them, he still tried to do his best. After a while of training the sun came up. the colours of the sky combined with the soft, warm wind where something they would remember of this beautifull ranch.

Words: 253

Horse: Jack 'O Lantern
Trainer: Leona D'jango
Competition: 3rd Annual Black Feather Fest - OPEN

Training: This image
Vet check: Click
Entry: Click

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