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Let the queen pass by Catiza Let the queen pass by Catiza
The show is judged! And Raven got the ribbon for 
Elegant Attire :D I'm so happy.
We also placed 15th of 33 ^^ I'm pretty happy about this competition.

Edited: Changed the lighting a bit, tried to refine the smoke a bit and added some smokey breath coming from the nose :D

I was so afraid i couldn't make it. I was stuck in the sketching fase. I just couldn't find a combination were the horse and the background showed in a way i found good enough for a competition. The costume was pretty easy to design. I just looked at Ravens personality and my keywords were powerful, cold and salty. She has a bitch queen personality actually x3 And i always see evil queens with a lot of fur for some reason.

This was a fun piece to make. I never drawn fur before (and will probably not draw it for a long time) and it was also challanging to draw the mist. Those were the hardest part of the drawing, but i learned from them though.


Raven had has a few training sessions for her first show. She was teached how to behave with a public, the sounds and her first routine she had to preform. After 3 lessons she was used to the idea of a public and she got used to the sound. Not many training after she also learned how to preform her routine perfectly. Raven seemed like she had a lot of fun during the training sessions.

A few weeks before the had to travel towards the competition they had to test out the costume. The first version of the costume was rather simple. It was a simple cape with a fake fur on the side. On her head she had a white bridle and she had protectors on her legs.
The training with the first costume didn’t go that well. Raven didn’t like it that her tail was covered and started to bite it off. After a few not successful attempts at biting she decided to run and thanks to a very small piece of wood sticking out the cape got ripped and left with a big, not fixable hole.

After a small meeting to come up with ideas for the costume they decided to make a hole in the cape so Ravens tail wasn’t cover and had free movement. In the design they also decided to leave the leg protectors out and the bridle was redesigned.

Raven slowly got used to having a costume on. She didn't run or freak out and after a while she was ready to wear the big fur front piece. The first time she tried to eat it. The second time she tried to shake it off. The third time she got annoyed by it and the fourth time she finally accepted it. Caithlyn trained with Raven until she was fully accepted the costume and when Leona gave a green light she could start combining the costume with the show. The song was already picked and since it was such a calm song Raven didn't seem to be distracted by it.
After 2 weeks of training Raven was ready for her very first show and got an addiction for the fur.

The travel towards the show went well. Raven behaved and the road wasn't to bumpy. When the crew arrived on the ranch they didn't know where to look. It was so cozy and there were many beautiful Christmas decorations. After parking the car Raven was brought to the stable and got the rest and potato chips she deserved after the long journey.
The next day Raven was in full glory. She was happy and wanted to get some movement. She also didn't like standing in a big stable filled with strange smelling horses. As soon as Caithlyn went in the stable she got a headbutt from Raven. "Come on now. It's still morning. I don't wanna deal with you headbutting me so early" said Caithlyn with a strict voice. Raven stepped back and let Caithlyn put on a halter.
"Let's get some training done before you lose the routine" said Caithlyn to Raven as they walked towards the arena. As soon as Raven was in the arena the halter was taken off and she run a few rounds around the arena. Caithlyn quickly walked back to the stable to get a radio and the cd.

"Raven! Come here, you potato-eating horse!" screamed Caithlyn. "We need to train." Raven quickly ran another round before coming to Caithlyn to get her halter back on. They walked to the radio and found the song the would preform. "Okey Raven. The first 2 times i'll walk with you. After that you have to walk alone". Raven just stood beside Caith waiting for her to walk. The first part of the song was easy and Raven could do it with her eyes closed. The second part of the routine was a little confusing for Raven in the beginning, but she finally could preform it to her fullest. The ending was preformed perfect.
"Nice Raven" said Caith as she grapped a potato chip bag and gave some to Raven. "Let's do it again"

The day of the show. The whole ranch had a nervous, but also very happy and exiting vibe. Outside the cave the contestants were waiting with their horses, drinking hot chocolate milk or getting their horses ready for their performance. Caith was waiting in the stable with hot coco. She wanted to surprise the competition with the costume since she was proud on it. The speakers around the stable ground said who had to enter the ring. "I already saw the horses who preformed before us. They were good. Very good" said Leona while walking in the stable. "The costumes were well made and the horses knew their routine good".
"Welp, Raven and i trained the best we could so we should be fine" Caithlyn smiled and gave a pet over Ravens nose.

And now the next contestant to enter the ring: RFS Raven!

"It's time. Come Raven let's have some fun"

825 words

Royally Frozen

Music: Celtic Woman - I See Fire

Horse: RFS Raven
Horse age: 4 years
Gender: Mare
Trainer: Caithlyn Trail
Trainer age: 23 years
Placed: 15th + best costume

More HARPG Art

    :bulletblack: Reference
    :bulletblack: 5/6 hours
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro

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PyralDesign Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Raven looks so beautiful :heart: and I'm so glad she went to a home that uses her more than i ever did 
Catiza Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :D Yea im happy with her. She is fun to draw and she also has a funny personality to work with ^^
TheMs0kitty Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Wow, this is so pretty! <3
Catiza Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much I am a dummy! 
TheMs0kitty Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
You're welcome!
PoisonSoldat Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This is amazing! I absolutely love Raven's manes, fur costume, tack and the light is beautiful! Also, for some weird reason, I really like that fence in the distance :') it looks legit! Good work :clap: and good luck at the show!
Catiza Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Haha even the fence is getting some love xD
And thanks for the big compliment :D It means a lot!
PoisonSoldat Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yesss c: I like the little details whenever I notice them haha ^^
You are very welcome :meow: !
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