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I don't know by Catiza I don't know by Catiza
Edited: Changed the background, position and the colour of the horse.

I like it way more now. The fence had shading, the ground feels a little more alive and it has a colder feel to it compared to the old version.

Another greyscale practise. I'm getting better at making the greyscale itself and im trying to get the values right. This one was a little harder because i used a little stronger light and shadow.
The background was something i didn't felt like putting a lot of effort in, so in case you're wondering why it looks a little sloppy that's why ^^



It had been a long day like always. Even if your horses are standing on the meadow for a day the work around the stable never stops.
Since winter was almost arriving we had to make sure the tiles were not broken or able to get slippery if ice was coming on them. Caithlyn
was exhausted at the end of the day and decided to join Leona and Dante on the couch with some hot chocolate milk. “I hope the upcoming
competitions can be around a place where I don’t have to do shit” said Caithlyn with a grin on her face. “All the tiles are checked by the way.
They seem to be fine. I also called the shop to prepare a chest filled with carrots, apples, sugar cubes and some potato chips”.
“You really shouldn’t buy so much potato chips. Raven is slowly getting fat” said Dante. He was a little right. Raven gained a little weight, but
nothing to make her unhealthy.
“I like fat horses” said Caithlyn as she took a sip from her chocolate. “How is the training coming along” asked Leona.
“It’s going fine. She’s used to the bridle now so we’re gonna try the saddle tomorrow” said Caithlyn back. “So I’m gonna sleep early! I see you
tomorrow.” She quickly ran upstairs after that and went to bed.

Raven wasn’t in the best mood. Luckily for Caitlyn she was also to tired to let it be noticed. It was 9 in the morning and everything was still
waking up. Raven got some regular horse food and after that she got groomed and the halter was put on her head. She was leaded towards the
outside arena and was let go at the edge. Raven seemed to tired to run. Caithlyn tried to take advantage of it. She put the little blanket on
Ravens back to see how she would react to that. She didn’t do anything. “Well lets get the saddle” thought Caitlyn as she walked with the saddle
in her arms. She first laid it over the side of the arena to let Raven smell it. After the smelling she carefully put the saddle on Ravens back. Raven
didn’t do anything. She didn’t care. She just wanted to eat and be left alone in her stable.

“I think you are getting a bit sweeter everyday Raven!” said Caithlyn happy as she petted Ravens back. She took the saddle of Ravens back and
put het back in her stable. This was enough for the morning.

422 words

    :bulletblack: Groundwork | Wake up
    :bulletblack: Lunging | Learning to listen
    :bulletblack: Accepting a saddle/rider | I don't know You are here
    :bulletblack: First ride | x
    :bulletblack: Discipline training | x

    :bulletblack: Good/bad day | Time for myself
    :bulletblack: Play time | In the snow with a beauty

    :bulletblack: RFS Raven
    :bulletblack: Before the ride
    :bulletblack: 2 hours
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
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