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Golden dress by Catiza Golden dress by Catiza
I challenged myself so bad with this drawing. I tried perspective again and beside the windows it worked out pretty well :D
And since there was only a simple sketch for the arena I wanted to try and make is a bit more detailed in my own style ^^
I'm also seriously in love with Leona's dress. I have to make that for myself!

28/11: Changed Leona's face and the lighting. There is gonna be another update soon
26/1 Added decorations and sponsers on the flags :)

You can download it for all the details!

FRC Autumn Tournament 2017

Horse: RFS Lumos
Horse age:
3 y/o
Gender: Stallion
Leona D'jango
Handler age: 23 y/o
Class: Halter
Placed: N2th place :D
Ribbon by Kartoffelpueh

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This was the first time for Lumos to be outside Europe. Scotland was a lot different from Austria. The only thing that didn’t feel much different was the temperature. It was a bit colder, but Lumos didn’t seem to be affected by it. The ranch was beautiful and huge! Leona knew that if Caithlyn had come with her she didn’t want to leave. The ranch felt old thanks to its buildings, but everything was retouched with beautiful roofs, dark wood and green. The combination of everything was like a fairytale.

Lumos didn’t feel like socializing with the other horses while staying on the ranch. He was grumpy from all the training and just wanted to run in the meadow at RockyFall. Leona had thought of a routine that was a bit harder than the routines he had to learn before. Even though he picked it up quickly it was obvious that he was tired of it. So after day 2 of staying in the ranch she and Lumos decided to take a trail from the ranch and explore the area.
The two of them enjoyed every second of the ride. The forest smelled amazing with autumn and the mushrooms were in every view. They even saw a few squirrels! They rode a long way and eventually left the forest, their steps followed with orange leaves. There was a big fence in the distance and since both of them were curious they stepped towards it up a hill. The grass was a beautiful green and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at the fence. The wind was a bit stronger up here, but the view was breathtaking. They saw a small herd of big horned highland cattle who were the same color as the forest. Luckily they were behind a fence, since it would be very scary to have a cow like that come out of nowhere.
The way back went without any trouble and Falconrise Castle quickly came in view. The other contestants were training their horses or brushing them. Leona rode to the stable and went off Lumos. She took off the saddle and gave him a halter. “Hey, buddy. I also had a treat for you” she said while taking a few small carrots out of her back pocket. Lumos his ears shot right up and the carrots were gone within the blink of an eye. He sniffed her hand to double check if everything was gone and then looked around. Leona started to walk toward the meadow to give Lumos more free time. The training would continue the next morning and she had a feeling everything would go a lot smoother and with a less grumpy horse.

The day of the competition was over in the smallest moment. Although it seemed longer for Leona who was always nervous when she had to perform in a dress. She was always afraid she would stand on it or rip it before entering the arena. Luckily she could clean Lumos and walk with him before getting ready for their part in the competition.  When Lumos and Leona were standing in front of the arena it was already nighttime. There was still another participant in the arena, but their performance should be over soon. “Okey buddy. We’re going to dance just like we practiced.” Lumos let out a loud breath since he was bored of standing. He heard music and wanted to dance and be the show off he is. The music stopped and there was an applause before Leona saw the other participant leaving. She and Lumos walked past them and smiled. Now they were standing in the middle of the arena. Leona stroke a pose and soon the music started. She waved her dress and Lumos made a small, yet striking move. Together they danced around the arena, striking poses for the judges and showing of Lumos his beautiful walking. They had so much fun and Leona couldn’t stop smiling. Both Leona and Lumos heard the end of the song coming and walked back to the middle of the arena where they struck one last pose. The music stopped and the applause started. Leona gave a pet over Lumos his nose who gave a nod back. They walked out of the arena and made themselves comfortable with a cup of tea and carrots while waiting for the end results.

732 words

:bulletblack: Stock: Texture Dusty Wood / Seamless Beach Sand Texture | Seamless wall textures
:bulletblack: 8/9 hours
:bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
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KimenLie Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
gorgeous ! :heart:
Catiza Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! Hug 
LetFreedomReign2 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student General Artist
I hope you place well!
Catiza Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I hope so too :)
This is so magical :3
Catiza Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much :D
I really tried to give is a special treatment :)
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