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First steps to the ring [VIDEO] by Catiza First steps to the ring [VIDEO] by Catiza


Lumos his first competition! It was a beginner competition and everything was well organized.
I tried some technics with color to make the drawing pop a little more. I like the results but I see many things I should improve on.


I was not comfortable. The few days that I spend on a new ranch for the competition were not comfortable. Yes, everybody was friendly, the food is great and the ranch is just beautiful, but there just was something that flet uncomfortable. It was probably because I never left RockyFall.
        Lumos looked around his stable and saw 1 carrot. It probably escaped yesterday when he got a whole bag after training. He was just about to take a bite out of it when he hears his humans voices in the stable getting louder and louder. Not long after they were both standing in front of his stable. The day would begin.

Lumos, Leona en Caithlyn were on the ranch for a total of 7 days. The competition was on day 5 and that was today. Everybody on the ranch was preparing their horses, making them pretty, braiding their hair and warming up. Lumos already was cleaned up and since he doesn’t have any manes we didn’t need to braid him. His tail was shiny and his coat had a beautiful shimmer. “I didn’t think these people would be up so early” said Caithlyn. “Well that’s a competition day for you. Some get nervous and want to get up as soon as they can. Let’s just hope that Lumos doesn’t take over the nervous vibe of those people” said Leona back. They walked with Lumos to a quieter part of the ranch where there was a large grassland. Leona was standing on the side while Caithlyn and Lumos took their places. “Okey. When the music starts you know what to do” said Leona with a loud voice

     Caithlyn was standing in position and Lumos was just looking around. As soon as the music started Caithlyn started to walk. Lumos didn’t knew it started until he felt a soft pull on his halter. He remembered the music and started to walk his routine.
    After the 3th practice they decided this was enough warm up and practice before the competition would start. They walked back tot he actual stable ground and found a good place to rest and eat. The competition would start soon.

    They had no idea how the others had preformed. They could see how they felt after the preformance. Some left the arena with a smile, while others didn’t knew how fast they could walk away. It was almost Lumos his turn. He was still behaving and Caithlyn didn’t let any negativity influance her. She could do it. She has done it before and won. It wouldn’t be hard to win. Although she was a little bit nervouw about Lumos. It was his first competition and she didn’t knew how he would preform once he was actually in the ring. Practise is a whole different story from an actual comeptition.
    “Caithlyn and Lumos. It’s your turn to enter the arena” said a men near the entrance. Caithlyn sighed and walked with Lumos in tot he arena.

    Leona was sitting in the corner to put the music on play. Caithlyn and Lumos took their position and greeted the judges. She gave the sign to Leona and the music started.

    It went flawless. Caithlyn couldn’t believe it. As soon as she and Lumos had left the arena she gave him a big hug and kisses. Lumos tried to escape them, but since it didn’t took long before Caithlyn let him go he didn’t put much effort in it. “That was a pretty good preformance” said Leona as she was walking towards the pair.
    “Yes i know!” Caithlyn almost screamed it. She was really happy. With Raven she knew what to expect, but with Lumos she had abolutly no idea. Caithlyn grabbed some horse candy from her backpocket and few those to Lumos.

That was the day that Caithlyn decided that Lumos had to become a star and a champion. A winner that the ranch could be pround of.

657 words

Ravenwood Vineyard's Competition

Horse: RFS Lumos
Horse age: 0
Gender: Stallion
Handler: Caithlyn Trail
Handler age: 21 y/o
Class: Halter
Placed: 1th place!

:bulletblack: No reference
:bulletblack: 2 hours
:bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
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Caterang8 Featured By Owner May 20, 2017
Aww so cute! What a handsome boy, he'll turn heads in the future!
Catiza Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :D
I'm gonna do my best to make him the sexiest Zlesdin to find I am a dummy! 
xSapience Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Student Interface Designer
- In het linkje naar Lumos, kom je bij raven-

Super cute! Ik vind Lumos echt enorm cute :la:
Catiza Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ow ha dankjewel XD Klein foutje.

En dankjewel I am a dummy! Ik ben super blij met hem!
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