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Explosion by Catiza Explosion by Catiza
I'm a tiny bit conflicted about this drawing, but I found it charming and important enough to post :3
Jack had transformed! And by the wings you can probably already guess to what breed.
It took me for EVER to get the half lying pose sort of right. And even now he still looks to be rearing more than standing up. But I did think I captures the feel that I was looking for :3


Jack has not been feeling well. His reaction was slow, his walking pace was slow and he refused an apple for the first time in his life. It didn't take Leona long to call the vet for her pride and joy. The vet said that they would send someone and that they should arrive within 20 minutes. She had to keep Jack walking in a safe and secure spot. He also needed to be isolated from the other horses in case it was a virus. Leona hung up and walked Jack to the lower stables and outside arena. She met Caithlyn up the way. "Did you already call the vet?". 
Leona shook her head. "They would send someone. We have to wait around 20 minutes before they arrive. Could you maybe do something for me? Could you clean Jack's stable? The vet said that he needs to be isolated in case he has caught a virus, but his stable is still dirty". 
"Yea of course! I'm going to do it immediately. Are you going to the lower arena?" 
"Yes. Jack needs to keep walking and with the possibility of a virus it's better to do it there" 
"I understand. I'll check up on you and Jack after the stable is clean" 
"Thank you". Said Leona with a small smile. She continues walking towards the arena and even though the arena is not far from the stable it took longer to get there than expected. Leona opened the arena door and walked a few rounds with Jack. The way he was moving was not something you could call a walk. It was more like dragging. Leona kept a very strict eye on Jack to see if she could maybe spot something that would be important for the vet. She kept walking until the vet arrived. 

Caithlyn led the vet to the arena. Leona was still walking with Jack, but saw that the vet had arrived. While Leona was guiding Jack towards the gate, Caithlyn opened it for the vet. The vet immediately started to examen Jack. He checked the temperature, felt around his muscles and listend to Leona's words. The vet walked to Jack's head. "On first glance I can't see anything wrong with Jack. His temperature seems a little higher than normal, but his body, eyes and gums all seem to point to a healthy horse. Can you show me how he walks?". 
Leona lead Jack around the arena and returned to the vet. "Any conclusion?". Asked Leona. 
"I honestly can't see what is wrong with him. I'm going to contact a colleague of mine and ask her to come over. She is an expert when it comes to horses, so I'm sure she can help with this case". 
Leona looked worried. Caithlyn stood next to her, but she didn't really know what to do. "I'll get an apple for Jack. Maybe he wants it now" said Caithlyn before walking with the vet towards the exit. Leona decided to give Jack a little break from the walking. She took off his rope and also walked towards the arena exit.  

Then there was a horrific sound. Everybody turned around and saw that it was coming from Jack. He was sitting on the ground and his red eye seemed to be glowing more red then normal. Out of nowhere a pair of wings flew out of his back turning the arena in a small inferno. The vet dropped his phone and Leona and Caithlyn were staring with wide eyes. Jack was puffing and sweating and trying to get back on his feat. He just grew a pair of wings! Leona wanted to get closer to her horse, but the fire was blocking her. "Jack! Are you okey". The stallion looked in her direction and trotted towards her. Leona's eyes went wide as he was coming straight to the fire. Jack pushed his head against Leona's chest and was puffing louder. She tried to calm him down by stroking his back. He did not only grew wings, but he also had an orange stripe walking over his back and his pupil also seemed to be less visible. "Boy, what happened to you" Leona asked worried.  
Caithlyn was still stunned and the vet picked up his phone to hung up his call. He came closer after that. "Is that a Lisqar?" He asked.  
"What is a Lisqar?" Leona asked back. 
"A Lisqar is a special horse breed, but you don't come across one often. They are known for their transparent wings and crystals. How did you even get one?" 
"I don't know. He has been with me for as long as I can remember, but I can tell you that he didn't had that stripe or those wings before. I would have noticed that" Leona said a bit stunned.  
"Maybe it was hidden or something. I don't know. I'm not an expert on the breed, but I can see however that Jack seems to be feeling better. Would you like me to examine him again? 
Leona shook her head. "He seems to be doing a lot better. Thank you for coming. But can you please keep the story under the radar? I don't know how the town people will react if you tell them my horse set the arena on fire by growing a pair of transparent wings". 
"Yes of course. I understand. I'll send you the bill later. Have a good day. And if anything happens to Jack again I would love to check him out!" He said as he walked away to his car. Leona was a bit conflicted about that answer, but she had no reason to pay attention to it. Jack was apparently a Lisqar now. She put him in to the big private stables just in case something would happen. Caithlyn had apparently walked back to the stable in her stunned state and continued getting the apple. She gave it to Leona who then gave it to Jack. He gobbled it up very fast  and obviously wanted more. Both Leona and Caithlyn walked back to the main stables to get him a lot more apples and talking over what had just happened. This would be one hell of a story to tell at the diner table.

1047 words

    :bulletblack: Horse: RFS Jack 'O Lantern
    :bulletblack: Fire stock: Click
    :bulletblack: 4 hours
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
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custarddunker Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
great story!, something akin to what I asked so it makes me really happy :)
Eefketje Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why don't you use this for this show? ;u;
Catiza Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I totally missed that show 0.0 but that doesn mean that Jackie cant release more power >:3
Eefketje Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

And Lumos! Don't forget Lumos. The Power Within class is also for not-magical breeds (I take that back, though. Zlesdins are super magical with their majestic bleps).
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