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EquiBreak: Playing with mama by Catiza EquiBreak: Playing with mama by Catiza
Lumos is going through his EquiBreak course :D Here is his first image.


It was already a few months since Lumos was born. Fari took the full responsability of raising her foal. She teached him how to behave towards other horses and how to enjoy the future life of a competition horse. Lumos was never really intrested in his dad until Fari told about him in detail. She has already told Lumos before that he was a stallion to be proud on. But this day she told him everything.

‘Your dads name is Sir Dusk or Dusk for short’ said Fari with a calm face. ‘I was not lying when i told you you could be very proud on him. He has riden and won thousands of competitions. Right now he is one of the best Zlesdin stallions in the whole world. But the reason you can’t see him right now is because he lives very far away. Our owners can’t leave the ranch for such a long time with the tasks they have around the ranch right now’. Fari wasn’t really happy to share the last part with him. She wanted Lumos to meet his dad at least one time.

‘So my dad can’t ever see me? Does he even know i’m here?’ asked Lumos curious. He never heard much about his dad and now he heard that his daddy was an amazing champion. He was thrilled to meet him. ‘I can’t promise anything’ said Fari a little sad ‘I’m sure he has heard of you. Our owners always call when a foal has born. But i don’t know if you can meet him’. Lumos was a little confused to hear that. Doesn’t his dad want to meet him? Fari saw that he didn’t understand. ‘I know you want to meet him, but it’s not up to us. We can’t just book a ticket and fly to China. Only humans can do that. Even if your dad wants to meet you, he is also limited in options to come here’. Lumos was still a little sad, but he understood. Maybe someday he could meet his father.

The rest of the day Lumos was running through the meadows, kicking flowers and chasing butterflies. Of course his mother was there to keep an eye on him.

372 words

EquiBreak foal course
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    :bulletblack: Kulrang Fari, RFS Lumos
    :bulletblack: No reference used
    :bulletblack: 3 hours
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
They look so sweet together :3
Catiza Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :D
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