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EquiBreak: Picture day by Catiza EquiBreak: Picture day by Catiza
I tried to experiment with colours a bit and i really like what came out of it :) I also made a small new brush to make drawing leafes easier.


Lumos enjoyed the last few weeks of summer at the fullest. He was running around the meadow while Fari was being ridden or sleeping. He was noticing more and learning every day. One of the things he noticed was that some horses had these weird things on their head. He didn’t knew what they were called, but he did knew it was something to make it easier for the humans to catch the horses.

There was one day in particular were every horse was getting a headpiece.
“Mama, why is every horse wearing that thing?” asked Lumos to Fari.
“It’s picture day. Once a year they make a beautiful photo from every horse on the ranch”
“What a picture?”
“A picture is like the painting on the side of the barn. It’s an image made by humans. Only with pictures they use a little box to make it. You also have to wear a headpiece today”

Lumos watched at his mom like she just said that carrots aren’t good tasting. Fari sniffed and said that it isn’t bad at all. It is just something temporary and after it I would be realized in the meadow again. Just as Lumos was getting a little annoyed by the thought of that headpiece Leona and Dante came walking in the meadow. The headpiece was put on Fari’s head. “Just stay still and let them put it on. It’s not a big deal”.
Lumos tried to bit Leona while his mother was talking and obeyed with a grumpy look. Leona put the halter on Lumos his head and made sure everything was closed right. They all started walking and after they crossed the meadow Lumos had a feeling it wasn’t all that bad. It was annoying he couldn’t just run away, but it didn’t hurt.

They were lead to a place were a lot of plants were growing on the wall. The box Fari meantioned was placed in front of the wall. Lumos saw his mother been taken in front of the wall while Dante walked a bit further. There was a quick flash and his mother could leave.

“See Lumos, it’s not bad at all. Just stand here and let them take your picture. I’m sure you will get a carrot after that”

Lumos was lead in front of the box. He was a bit nervous, but didn’t try anything funny. Caithlyn was standing behind the camera and counted down to 3. At 0 she clicked the button and a small flash left the camera. Lumos blinked a few times after the flash, but it was done. Leona gave him a carrot and he and his mother were lead back to the meadow. The halters were removed and they were free to do what they wanted.

463 words

EquiBreak foal course
    :bulletblack: Weaning from the Mother | EquiBreak: Playing with mama
    :bulletblack: Wearing a Halter | EquiBreak: Picture day
    :bulletblack: To be lead | EquiBreak: No way
    :bulletblack: Accepting the feel of a blanket | EquiBreak: A warm blanket
    :bulletblack: Foal Inspection | EquiBreak: The best foal

    :bulletblack: Playtime | EquiBreak: Playtime
    :bulletblack: First escape | EquiBreak: The grand escape

    :bulletblack: Horse: RFS Lumos
    :bulletblack: BG reference: Click | Own sketch, but used this for the shading: Click
    :bulletblack: ~3 hours
    :bulletblack: PS CS6, Wacom Intuos Pro
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Zephyrra Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness, he is SO precious :love: Lovely job!
Catiza Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much Hug 
Selunna Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017   General Artist
Aww! Lumos is so cute! And I loved the story, it's very lively :D
Catiza Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much :D
I can't believe you actually read the story x3 I thought most people didnt do that
Selunna Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017   General Artist
Most people don't, and it's sad! I like to read them if I have the time, as they provide a much deeper insight in the story and the characters :la: I also am a booknerd, reading makes me happy :D
Catiza Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I totally agree with that! Some stories can make the pictures look even better
And I'm also a booknerd so I get that ^^
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