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Dance in crystal light by Catiza Dance in crystal light by Catiza
Im still working on the background
Im so happy with this! It took me a while to make since i have about 3 hours of spare time a day ._. and because i'm tired i rather spend them sleeping then drawing. BUT ANYWAY i'm starting to love mountains more and more:happybounce:  They are getting easier to draw and they are just so amazing and can make such beautiful enviourments.

It's almost time. The time to enter the ring and give the best we got again. The time we had at Raven's Crown Equestrian was wonderful so far. We did a lot of things, have meet a lot of new people and horses en the mountains are just beautiful. But now it's time to compete again.

We entered the indoor arena. It was a bit warmer then outside, but with all the training we had the last couple of days we started to get used to the heat.
Leona sighed. "It's time again Jack. Lets give the best we got!"
She gave Jack a pet on his neck. Jack let out a sigh and started to walk.
"Even if we lose, we gave our best. Let's enjoy the time we have here" said Leona.
Jack walked until he started to trot. We started with our proof.

"That was amazing Jack" Leona said after the proof ended.
Jack did amazing. He didn't refuse anything and walked beautiful. It even felt like he smiled at the judges. Leona dismount of Jack and gave him a hug.
"Come big boy. Let's get back to your stable and feed you lots and lots of apples. Jack started to shake his head enthusiast. He already started walking to his stable while Leona was putting up the stirrups. Apples always do that to him.

Words: 228

Horse: Jack 'O Lantern
Trainer: Leona D'jango
Competition: 3rd Annual Black Feather Fest - OPEN
Placed: 2th place + Grand champion!

Training: Image
Vet check: Click
Entry: Here

3rd Annual Feather Fest - 2nd Place Ribbon by Spotty001

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February 17, 2016
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