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Behave black monster by Catiza Behave black monster by Catiza
I actually can't believe i managed to finish this. I have way to much to do and thought this piece was just slowly catching dust. ._.
Anyway i'm happy it's finished, but i'm not happy with the quality :( Next time i must plan my time WAY better.


Jack's energy was still gone after that morning training. And that was actually for the best. Jack never is really fond with meeting new people who are going to examine him. He likes his privacy.

Leona alreday forgot the vet check that was gonna take place in the afternoon. She felt relieved that she already trained Jack. He's always on his worst behaviour when the vet comes. Leona kept calm and gave Jack some apples.
"I already met the person who is going to examine you, you know" said Leona. "He's okey. He's nice to horses and he isn't going to hurt you"
Jack sniffedd annoyed and tried to give Leona a small headbut. "Don't you headbut me!" Leona said suprised. She know Jack was just joking, but Leona doesn't really like it when she gets a headbut.

The vet came. She was very nice and calm. Leona already talked to het before she was going to check Jack. She told her that Jack isn’t really happy with new people who are touching him. So she gave the advice of bringing some apples.
And it worked! Jack ate a bag of apples while the vet examined him.
“He’s in good shape. His fur is soft also. You can enter the competition without any trouble” said the vet.
Leona smiled and said” Thank you very much”.

Words: 225

Horse: Jack 'O Lantern
Trainer: Leona D'jango
Competition: 3rd Annual Black Feather Fest - OPEN

Training: Click
Vet check: This image
Entry: Click

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February 24, 2016
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