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Beachy moves by Catiza Beachy moves by Catiza
Well this took me a while. I had some trouble coming up with a composition and a stock photo to work with. But I did think Máni turned out fabulous! Especially with that pink tack. That is going to be her main tack color :3

You can download the file for full details :)

RDHS Dressage Cup

Horse : RFS Mani
Horse age : 7 y/o
Horse gender : Mare

Handler : Leona D'jango
Handler age : 23 y/o
Handler gender : Female
Reader : Dante D'Jango

Stable : RockyFall stable
County : Austria
Class: Dressage- Normal
Placed : 3th place <3

3rd place ribbon RDHS dressage cup by KimenLie


Leona had missed her country! She and Dante had moved out of the Netherlands a few years back and the growing of the stable and the traveling to competitions didn't leave much room for a vacation back to their home country. The Netherlands hasn't changed. The beach still it's soft brown colour, the sea a dark blue and the dunes were covered with weird plants. The dunes on this specific beach even had some trees growing in them! Dante had already unpacked his belongings when Leona came walking in the guestroom. "And is Máni nervous yet?" Askes Dante. 
"A little. She's calmer then she was at the last competition. Maybe the smell of water calms her down." 
"I don't think so. I'm pretty sure horses can smell the difference between lake water and sea water." 
"Well even if they can she might still calm down from it." Dante dragged his shoulders upward and seemed to agree with Leona's comment.  
"Your stuff is on the small bed. And don't come with that 'you-never-save-the-good-bed-for-me' talk. I made sure you got the big closet." Dante pointed at the bed that was standing in the corner of the room. The blanket had a colourful flower pattern on it and a fluffy pillow. Her suitcase was already lying on top of it. Dante continued to unload the last of his belonging in the closet next to his bed. Since Leona and Dante grew up together they had no problem sharing the room. Although they always have discussions when it comes to sharing a bathroom. Leona doesn't clean up her used towels and Dante always leaves the toilet seat up. Luckily both of them can handle an argument once in a while and since they both have their private bathroom at home, they will live with this condition at peace for the time being. When both of them were done with all the unpacking they went to explore the stable.  

Leona went straight to Máni while Dante explored around the stable. He met a few people including the people who live/work in the stable. Leona was not that social when arriving. She would rather make sure that the horse that came along, in this case Máni, was comfortable and could get used to the surroundings. She brushes Máni's coat and braided her tail. She was not that dirty since she got a good cleaning cession before they left Rockyfall. Máni was a bit nervous. She had a hard time standing still, her ears shooting to every little sound made and her nostrils wide smelling the air around her. Before putting on her saddle she walked Máni out of the stable. Dante was talking to somebody around the corner. "Dante, I'm going to walk off Máni's nerves. Can you make sure her tack is ready for use?". Dante looked over his shoulder back to Leona. He put his hand up instead of saying he was going to do it, but it was good enough for Leona.  
She and Máni walked towards the dark Dutch sea, but it didn't take long before Máni notices all the grass in the dunes. She made a little sound.  
"Ahh you have already found the grass. That was really quick, girl!" Leona said with a smile. Luckily Máni wasn't the kind of horse to drag you along. Even when she was nervous she would politely wait for you to tell her that she could walk. Leona walked a bit faster and that turned in to a run. Máni was happy to run along and as soon as the both of them got near the dunes Máni went straight to the grass. She took a few firm bites and quickly went on to the next patch. "Good thing that your stress relieve is grass. Your such an easy horse to work with" Leona said as she hugged Máni's shoulder. Máni slowly put her head back up and smelled the ocean. Leona watched with her to. The ocean smell was so different from the lake near Rockyfall. Not to mention the constant movement and sound from the waves. Máni was just starting a new patch of grass when Leona said "Come on girl, lets take a ride on the beach". Leona gave a small pull on the rope. Máni snatched a big last bite of the grass before fully moving her head up. They both walked back to the stable. 

Leona was almost near the stable when she heard her name called. When she looked at the entrance she saw that the person calling her was Dante. "Dante, what's up!" Leona called back.  
"I would like you to meet somebody. This is Kaira. She rides her on the stable".  
Leona walked up to Dante and Kaira. "Hi, I'm Leona. And you are Kaira" 
"Yep, I'm Kaira! Welcome to Cronenburg stables. I was just talking to your brother about the competition" said Kaira with a smile. 
"Yea, I was bragging how I was probably were going to be the best reader of your class and that everybody would applaud for me after I have said my beautiful words" said Dante with an edgy smile. Leona was always a bit annoyed when his flirty side came up. He never did it with just any girl. It always had to be a girl that he would meet at competitions.  
"And I was telling him how he will stutter and probably and screw up your performance" Kaira defiantly said back.  
"Well, let's hope that that doesn't happen" Leona said with an awkward smile on her face. She was a bit intimidated by Kaira's scar, but she didn't feel like it was polite to ask how she got it. She looked over at Dante. "Is the gear ready for the beach ride?" 
"Almost. I couldn't find the leg protection you always use. Probably still in the car somewhere."  
Leona nodded. "Okay, that is not a problem. A ride on the beach would hurt Máni anyway. Well Kaira I hope to see your around the stable these days. I would love to hear more about it" Leona said with a smile.  
"Yea of course. See you around!" Said Kaira back. As soon as Leona turned toward the entrance the 2 started talking again who would do a better job. She just kept walking and stopped at the stable. She made sure Máni was tied and then geared her up for the ride.

The following days went fast. The people participating in this competition were very talkative and the Dutch way of speaking always feel like Leona is back home.  The day of the competition started pretty quiet. The first few participants had already finished their routine and they had some solid performances. Leona's experience with dressage made her feel less nervous, but they are always there when it's almost her turn to shine. Máni didn't seem to be affected by nerves.  
The couple was warming up in the small arena next to the competition arena. Kaira was helping the other participant that was about to go preform. Leona decided to keep Máni's energy level high and mainly walked or trotted with her. Her walking went neat and the trotting also went fluently. They rode a few rounds like this while other participants entered the warm-up zone.  
Kaira came walking up to Leona who was walking in a slow pace. "You're up next. Can you follow me? The next participant will be done in a minute". Leona walked after Kaira and came to a stop next to the small judge house. There was a small applause and a relieved participant came walking out of the competition arena. "Okey you're up next. Good luck! Especially with Dante as your reader" she said with a daring small smile.  
"Ghe yea thanks. Let's hope he doesn't try to joke around to much" Leona said back. She and Máni walked in to the ring and walked towards the middle. The starting sign was given and they walked a small distance forward and stopped again. They bowed to the judges. Danta read the next step from his paper. "Between A-X-C go in to trot and go to your left side." Leona followed the instructions, although thanks to her experience and practise she could almost dream the performance. Dante continued reading the instructions out loud, but you could hear from his voice that he was trying extra hard to sound impressive.  
"When you're near A turn away and stand still between X and G". Leona steered Máni toward the X and made her stop after walking past the X. She bowed again to the judges. The show was over and Máni preformed very good for her second competition. Máni got a few good rubs over her neck before being led out of the arena back to the warm-up arena. Dante came walking towards her.  
"Well that was a pretty fine round. How did you like mine?" Dante asked daringly.  
"You did good. I could understand you. Only that manly voice you put up somewhere in the middle. That was so weird" Leona said back with a small laugh.  
"You gotta stay manly around all these girls here. And if you only have a small role, make sure that you keep shining" Dante said back. He gave Máni a small piece of horse candy and a rub over her head. "Do you want me to clean her off and put her in the meadow until the award ceremony?" 
"Please. I could still use a bit of sleep and some chocolate milk". Leona stepped off Máni and gave the reins to Dante. They gave each other a small high-five and said Leona said "I'll see you in an hour or two". She walked towards the guest house and Dante walked toward the stable. She almost couldn't wait for the award ceremony, but some hot chocolate milk would sure help to kill the time a little. 

1656 words

:bulletblack: Reference: Lusitano Dressage Training Trot Half-Pass Stock
:bulletblack: 7/8 hours
:bulletblack: PS CC, Wacom Intuos Pro
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