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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2009, 3:40 PM
Welcome to the journal full of information about buying art from me!
I hope you find it easy to understand and well organized.
Here is a table of contents in order:

Disclaimers: (what I will and will not draw, what you are buying)
Open Slots: available spaces for commissions
Styles: (the different ways your art will look)
Character References: (what I need to draw your character)
FAQ: (questions you may ask)

Basic Info.

I only take payment through Paypal. and you must note me with commission request & information. I will either accept or deny your request, then we will agree on the price, and when all is worked out, you will send me the agreed price using the e-mail address I give you.
I work on a “trust system”. This means that you pay me before you get the artwork. I have worked with commissions before (though not on the internet), and can assure you that I will give you what you have paid for.
My return policy: I will refund your money if I cannot or have not even begun the piece and some global disaster absolutely keeps me from doing so.
I don’t refund money if I have already started the piece.
The reason I have you pay up front is for me to avoid putting my effort into something I receive no gratitude or compensation for. It has happened to me before.

Same-sex couples, Pornography, Nudity (not partial, not artistic, nothing) , cleavage, bellies, undies, overly sexualized characters, overly-sexualized poses, themes, or names.  No excessive blood (note: excessive) , obscene gestures, some occultic themes (auch as Satanic, Demonic possession, Exorcism, etc.).
What I will draw:
Kind of everything else. Friendly furries or anthros, some mecha.
PLEASE NOTE: if your character is a centaur or has huge wings, I might charge more for the effort.

I currently DO NOT offer to ship original traditional artwork to you, based on security reasons for my mailbox/address/etc. What you are paying for is the effort, time, supplies, and a large quality JPG or PNG file.
You ARE NOT paying for the public use of or Rights to this artwork</b>. Even when I give you a high quality file, you MAY NOT sell, redistribute, alter in any way. You also MAY NOT use commissioned artwork commercially in any way: NO book covers, posters, CD booklets, or illustrations, etc., of any kind.
The artwork I create for you is for your personal enjoyment only.
However, you MAY print it out and proudly hang it on your wall!

Open Slots



Realism style//Digital Sketch Portrait

A realistic portrait of your character(s) with a unique pose and meaningful concept

$15 Single,
$20 Couple
Prices vary with complexity. These pieces are not very refined, so they are cheaper.

Realism style//Digital Painting

A painted-looking, realistic portrait of your character looking fully awesome.

.::. Moonlit Dreams .::. by Catiris  

$10-$20 head shot,
$20-$40 bust shot,
$40-$60 full body.
Couples range from $80-$200 based on complexity.
Complex backgrounds may be $20 or more extra (plus original pricing). I do clouds, simple forested or garden scenes, architecture, and abstract.

Manga style//Watercolor Splash Portrait

A Japanese cartoon-styled piece featuring your character(s), created with mixed media (such as watercolors, ink, white gelpen, colored pencils, etc.) & watercolor splashes

I don't ship traditional artwork to you.

STUNNING: Circle by Catiris

$15-$20 couple bust shot,
$15-20 simple full body single
$20-30 couple full body or complex single full body
Prices are based on complexity, refinement, and background.  The more refined, the higher the prices, possibly +$5-$10 more. Backgrounds are negotiable; a complex bg may cost up to $15 more.

Cartoon style//Thick Ink Portrait Digital

A not-so-Japanese-style, more of an original flair. Your character looking cool.

Portrait of Anese by Catiris Character Portrait: Grofx by Catiris

$5 headshot!
$10 single bust shot,
$15 random perspective! full body,
$15-20 couple bust shot,
$20-$40 couple waist or single quality full body

Single characters may come with stylish simple solid color or patterned background & your character’s name, unless otherwise requested.

Note: give/take $10+ with character details and background complexity. The simpler, the cheaper.

SUPERCUTE Chibi//Digital Painting Digital

Your character & 200% of your daily dose of CUTE!

.flobby fun. by Catiris  

$10-$20 single character based on how many details your character’s costume has.
$25 or so for couples.

Doll Style//Digital Painting

Your character as a ball-jointed doll. Realistic shading and soft textures.

Organic? by Catiris  

$30-$50 single character based on how many details your character’s costume has.
couples are $80-$200 or so. (see the couple picture above)

Action Art Markers//Manga Style

You character looking like they popped out of a video game. Drawn with ink, prismacolor and COPIC art markers, and sometimes colored pencils & white gel pen.

I don't ship traditional artwork to you.

$5-10 single bust shot,
$10-15 full body,
$15-20 couple bust shot,
$20-$40 couple waist

Character References

Can you draw your character? If so, great. I need a clear reference that I can look at and easily see what they are wearing, their eye color, hair color, and size.
Maybe you can’t draw your character, or at least, not as well as you would like.
Not to worry! I also take written descriptions or a photo of someone you think looks like the character.
Look below to see what I need to know in writing:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair style/length:
Ethnic Appearance: (i.e., tan skin, narrow eyes, button nose)
Age: (physical)
Weight/Build: (i.e., slender, curvy, muscular but lean)
Other Physical features:
Tattoos or piercings:

FAQ or Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question? Ask it here & I will post it and the answer for you & everyone else! (:

Q: What do you mean when you say the price rises with “complexity” or “details”?
A: Look at your character. Are they wearing excessive amount of jewelry, patterned cloth, multiple piercings, tattoos, massive amounts of meticulously styled hair, wearing many sashes, belts, zippers, buckles, etc?
If you can say yes to 2-3 or more, then your character is complex.

Q: Will you make an exception to your “Will not draw”?
A: No. But ask if you are not sure; maybe you read it wrong. I will redesign clothing if it doesn’t meet the requirements, too.