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.flobby fun.
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Published: November 10, 2008
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A flob is a cute image, usually a character with a word bubble, that people use when posting in forums.
I had no idea about flobs until I did art on Gaia, and I have to say they were a pretty perfect medium for me to practice my chibi/doll style on.

I haven't yet seen a style quite like this one, so it's kind of my pet style. I've been leaning more toward my doll style, which I've seen in old works and is now resurfacing.

-Yeun Ju - makes beautiful art, pay her a visist at ~YeunJu

Twisted Keyblade is now Oath XIII, see his work at ~Oathie

Arjano also has a dA account at ~Arjay-yajrA

& Diana is the original character of ~KayleyFC

Although I love drawing art for people, being paid with gold is the least optimal compensation xP So I don't take Gaia commissions very often.

All done in GIMP 2.4 (too lazy to install 2.5)

D: I'm tired, long week
I hope I make sense
Will try to update my wips and whatnot x3
and more importantly, messages
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Thank you!! I'm glad you think so C8
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Haha! Your welcome!
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deckthisoutStudent Digital Artist

Amazing. e___e;; <3
Very cute and unique. I like how they look like dolls.
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;A; This message never showed up in my inbox!!

Thank you!! :heart: I'm glad you find them appealing~
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deckthisoutStudent Digital Artist

Oh yes.
They are different than most stuff you see around. XD
Arjay-yajrA's avatar
wow. your really good. [mine's there. lol]

i should have commissioned you when i used to be a centaur [on gaia].

btw, what program do you use?
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Aww, thanks C,:
You should have! I loved drawing -Yeun Ju-'s little horse body x3

I use the GIMP, which is a legally free program like photoshop. (Yay for money saving!) You can find out about it at their website, [link]
Arjay-yajrA's avatar
Your welcome.
I know, ive seen your art before but i didnt know you did them.

GIMP? i downloaded it a while ago but i have no freaking idea how to use it. it always freeze up my computer and its kinda confusing to use.
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late late late, sorryyy

Really? You saw my art before on Gaia, or on dA?

Ohh man D: On the newer versions you can adjust how much RAM (processing power) it takes to run it and turn it down. If you only have 1GB of ram you should make it 300MB, or a lot less if you like to run more than one program at a time. I put mine very high because my pictures can take up 1GB in program. But I also have dual processors, which helps.
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So glad you think so!!! :,D
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You're still better than me! My shop's been down since like April. XD

I think I like the first two and yours best. Colors, design, all that. And this is a fun style, I like it. I haven't seen anything like it. :D

(On a side note, whenever you draw "catiris", now I always look for the cat. XDDD)
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Thank you C,: I'm pretty happy with a unique style. I do wonder how visually appealing it is to all people, though.

Woohoo! That is intentional >D Fun fun.
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PsychoNobleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoah, now that's a style!
I love their little expressions. They're like little expensive dolls. XD
The coloring is amazing, yet again.
Simply Adorable. Keep it up!
Catiris's avatar
Thank you kindly :heart:
Haha, I think some people would find that creepy. I personally have a lot of fun with the lineless painterly coloring.
The style certainly is... well, unique--to say the least? ;D
Much appreciated!
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PsychoNobleHobbyist Traditional Artist
But of course! ^^
Not creepy at all, don't you worry.
Unique, to say the least ~ :}
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xD j/k <3
Catiris's avatar
Haha! I had a lot of fun with yours~
OMY that keyblade was worth 30,000 gold by itself thoughhh ... well, maybe not that much, but a lot xD
I actually made a big seperate xcf (gimp version of psd, a layered file) file for it just so that I could do it in high quality. I was so perfectionistic about it, because... well, it's a keyblade O: maybe only KH fans can understand
And I remember making him fatter... haha... good times.

D: now the name is not accurate. I kind of like Oath XIII P:
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I like Oath XIII too. xD;;
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KayleyFCStudent Writer
Mine is missing. T_T

Lol that's fine. I'm just happy I got one; they are beautiful. Thank you again. <3
Catiris's avatar
I added Diana :heart:
You were right D: It was sad without it
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