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Portrait of Anese
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Published: March 12, 2009
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Currently sick, bleh :P
hopefully I make sense.
can't sleep....

A little gift for *suiseiusagi~
Her character Anese, who is pretty much the head of the military of his country.

I have this feeling he got caught with one of those questions that can make one stop & wonder about everything one has lived for.

drawn in Open Canvas 1.1, textures/bg added in GIMP.

Yes, I know she was the last person I accepted for the free portraits. He just came out first D:

oh hey... Suisei, you never said he had a scar on his temple, but it really looked like it in the other pictures P:
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Hope you get better!
Cool armor *u* man, i wish i could draw more realistically like you ^^ awesome work.
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Thank you :heart:
Is it "realistic"? Do you mean proportionally? O:
;v; you have a lovely style~
But it is always fun & good to expand your horizons and try new things, true.
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Yes proportionally ^^~ and the face is way more masculine than other baby faced (bishie)boys I see around DA all the time xD

Yeah~ i'm in the process of scanning a 'semi-realism' portrait~ ^^
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I got sick of overkill bishie stuff D:
I do like pretty styles, though, just not always androgynous everything.
It also helps that I just like really hard facial features, too.

@A@ ooooh, I want to see it!!! You are going to upload it, right? x)
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xD yeah~ I just uploaded something just now, but thats not the one~ its going to be a native american girl with a feather in her hair ^^ I want to do some CG on her feather~ soo yeah.. got to wait Cx
Catiris's avatar
*u* sounds pretty~ I love drawing feathers.
I'll be patient :heart:
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*swoonglomptacklesave* He's got lots of scars, but they aren't mandatory. XD I love you for being able to get the random ass details of my designs. Thanks so much!! And I hope you get better! I just got over a headcold, but I'm still insanely achey. ;_;
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Haha, great C: I'll keep the scar there, then. It seemed appropriate.
You are welcome! I tried not to forget anything xAx hahaha

And thanks~ I feel like I'm in a fog, even after taking some medicine.
I'm glad you're feeling better (:
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Looks great to me. ;P

Well, I got over the cold, but I'm super stressed and it's affecting (or is it "effecting"? I always mix those two.) me pretty negatively. :(
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*u* gooood~
I hear you!! We must be in the same boat.
Although I try to keep a positive attitude. I hope you can, too :heart:

I have this trick that I use to keep them straight. But I'm kind of too lazy to pull it out of that hat right now :< haha
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Aah, I try. And I put on a good show. But I haven't gotten a full night's sleep all week. D;
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;A; awwww, :hug:
At least you're not sick or getting over being sick like this everyday! I can't wait to get over my cold x)
Maybe you need to take a break~
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I doooo. But I have no tiiiiime.

My only release is my acting class and the time I spend in the theater lounge, but I'm grateful for that much. -_-;
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Awww ):
It's neat that you have that. Seems like acting is a great way to let go & forget about stress... (:
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