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Published: January 5, 2009
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new version 2/09 just small tweaks...
Natural Memories... Unnatural Dreams?

Symbolism... the lemon tree symbolizes friendship.
The contrast of red and green could be inorganic vs. organic (tree vs. machine, greenery vs. metal).
You can see some papers at the bottom... the poem that the doctor gave Dot is there.
There's more if you like to read into images (: I'll let it speak for itself.

This picture of Dot & Ermine was inspired by the Comic Circle, written by *indecision. Beautiful work :heart:

This literally took about 2 weeks of hours. I loved it to pieces, but I am glad to be done. Magic. I learned even more efficiency with this program... (if that's possible)...
Also, I didn't use dodge/burn.... why is that tool considered such a sin??? I don't use it often... but sometimes for speed and darkening existing shading... it would be nice. I might cave & make a second version of this.

Hmm... I even researched albinism to make Ermine look realistic. His eyes may look odd at first because his eyelashes are very light.

This file ATE my computer, sometimes it chalked up to 2GB in program, and that's all the RAM I have to run it!!!! D: fun times, hahaha

All in all it was a great experience. I hope you love it, Josceline!!

the GIMP 2.4 + scanned lineart

All textures are from my personal files, which includes royalty-free textures from this site and others... (perfectly fine for printing). I also made several brushes... whew.

Dot & Ermine (c) to *indecision Josceline Fenton

Art (c) to me =Catiris you can't even touch it without my permission!! x,D

The original is HUGE. Download for a scaled down version that still shows the details.
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0dd10utStudent Digital Artist
Great work on the dress! And I thought the word "Normal" was "Nom nom." XD
Catiris's avatar
Thanks, it was wonderful and terrible all in one ;D
I'm so antisocial it's not nom nom nom nom nom
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DermatillomaniacStudent General Artist
Oh wow... That's absolutely beautifully done.
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EmerraHobbyist Traditional Artist

It's amazing. All of the colours, the patterns, the design of her dress... Everything! It's beautiful.
Catiris's avatar
C: Aww, thank you!!
It seriously was a huge effort. But I loved drawing the details in their costumes and everything.
Thanks again! <3
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kejekiHobbyist Photographer
Very nice coloring. I also really like the use of symbolism!
Catiris's avatar
I'm glad you like it!
Symbolism is one of my favorite things to bury deep in art. I wish every one of my pictures could tell an intricate story.
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SRaffaProfessional General Artist
Thoroughly original, overwhelmingly beautiful...
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Thank you for your kind words; I'm flattered! (:
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that's amazing! you get better by the second!!!!
Catiris's avatar
Thank you!! :heart: :heart: I hope that's true Cx
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hey, may i use this piece of art for my art assignment?
we have to pick any piece of art and i have to criticize it. and i wanna use urs. [im not saying that its bad or anything] i just wanna showoff ur art. lol.
Catiris's avatar
Yes, I think that would be fine with me.
Though I'm curious, are you going to print it off?
If anyone asks about the artist you can always give them the e-mail I have on my dA page C:
suiseiusagi's avatar
Very interesting comparisons. And this is your newer dolly style, right? Still love it. XD

Huge dress is huge.

BTW, do you know if M. Alice LeGrow has a DA?
Catiris's avatar
Yes C: I don't know if it's really "new"... oh well, new to dA, I guess O: I have many old doodles and sketches that I don't post here.

haha.... HUGE indeed. As in hugely detailed fun.

I just found her dA the other day! (scrolls through 5min worth of webcomic pages in browsing history). That would be *sadwonderland

Oh hey, I remembered (well, more like rediscovered) the manga I was talking about, the one that was one of my first introductions to drawing characters like dolls... It's called "Alichino".
Beware of massive "pretty"
suiseiusagi's avatar
As I don't hide in the rafters of your house to catch what new things you come up with, what's new to DA is new to me. :lmao:

You and your details. :faint:

That's great- thanks!!! My friend (the one that gave me my tablet) is a HUUUUGE fan of hers. She adores Bizenghast.

That's teh animal-turny-humnan one right? I think I remember.
Catiris's avatar
I hope not.

Tablet = best present ever.

Yes, the "Alichino" are demon-like creatures with the power to shapeshift. So one of them has two common forms, an owl and a little girl.
suiseiusagi's avatar
I am very much too preoccupied to go all ninja in your house, I promise.

Agreed. :love:

I remember. :nod: But the story still didn't hold you, did it?
Catiris's avatar

Ah, not really. It was quite vague, at best. It got a little more curious as it developed the side character's history, but that doesn't look very promising for the main character. Still quite vague, or just not deeply developed, at best. Although it might have been, if the author could have continued the series. I read she broke her drawing hand and decided to abandon the series.
suiseiusagi's avatar
That's too bad. :( I hate when I get into a series and something happens to the creator. (Trinity Blood.) I'll have to look into it in a little while. Right now I'm enjoying what happens when Obama meets anime. 8D
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Oh wow, what gorgeous colors - the details are amazing. :heart:
Catiris's avatar
Thank you for your comment! I love elaborate details :heart:

I'm curious, do the colors look very highly saturated? On my monitor there are a few rich shades that are not extremely vibrant, for contrast. But sometimes when I print the colors look very bright.
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Hmmmm - some of the greens are pretty bright, but overall it doesn't look too saturated, just nicely rich. I have my monitor set very light, though. ^^; Almost everything I do is much darker printed.
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