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Gaia Commission: pink99chick
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Published: September 17, 2008
© 2008 - 2019 Catiris
Here's a fun little Gaia online commission I did a few weeks back.
This "doll" style seems to attract a lot of attention, be that good or bad. O: Combined with pink makes for very fluffy, bubbly art.
Haha, I like it! >D Brings a smile to my face, and more importantly, others'.

been quite sick for the past few days |P
Before that very busy.

\\100% GIMP 2.4\\

: D Take care--
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hahahaha oh man... i should really check this thing more often!
pink99chick's avatar

I just realized there was a "messages" button at the top xD
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Haha! Good one x)
pink99chick's avatar
It's meeee!!!!

I still love it.\
Catiris's avatar
Aha! Hello there <3
I'm so glad (:
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It's so... sparkley. And pink. And cute.

It makes me think of bubblegum and cotton candy. XDD
Catiris's avatar
Haha, thank you. That's a good thing, right? P:
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It's a tasty thing. XDDD ...Unless you're diabetic, I suppose. :o
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OH GOD!!! so cute!!!that face looks soooo awesome. You've brighten my miserable day ( consuming me!)
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DDD: noo, I'm sorry that chemistry is so rough on you!! Chem is definitely a time consuming subject D; Is it required for you major?
C,: I'm glad this piece could brighten your day!! :heart: :heart: Anything to help ;3;
qapsiel's avatar
yeahhh...because im in chemical engineering ;(..........really time consuming yes.....

but anyways...I actually connected only to see your updates....i logged in, saw your new masterpieces :typerhappy:and continued to study! I'm glad your doing art! Sorry for not dropping by so often....but i have not forgotten about you ;D

Next week i'll have to time off, and i plan to draw and sleep! yei!!
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Ooh, so do you have a dream job you want to put that to use in?
I always thought Chemistry was terribly interesting, but just not my thing, I guess P:

Aww, thanks~
Sounds like you're a very good student.

Hurrah for breaks! ^^
qapsiel's avatar
No...i'm still not sure which branch of chemistry I'll pick.
I love chemistry..It's fascinating! But it's equally frustrating at times.

And your very welcomed! After this week all exams will be over for a while. Nothing more than the every week quiz and stuff like that. So im happy!! The Lord is merciful, cuz if we keep this up, my friends and I would burn-down. The other day two of my two housemates and I stayed up until 4am studying, to then wake up at 6am! I had to do what I had never ever done.....drink coffee!!!!

PS: HURRAh FOR HOLIDAYS Yay, cant wait for it to be Christmas and play some Kingdom HEarts!
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OH NO not coffee! xD
I hate drinking caffeine, ugh.
Thank God for holidays, indeed, hahaha

Christmas feels really far away D:
But I guess it will be here soon enough.
You've played Kingdom Hearts before, right?
It's such an aesthetically pleasing game C}
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YES, I have forever been a KH fan (and FF, basically, almost all Square games) .....but with the stress of school and everything.....I never got to clear KH2. So thats what I want to do this Christmas.....and play Elebits as well, if I can!
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O: no finishing the sequel?
I actually liked the first better, though I played both.
I think it was because they grew up in the second ;; I liked the childhood theme...
But the second has a pretty epic ending Cx
What is "Elebits"?
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