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My Bio
Favorite style of art: Cartoon and anime

MP3 player of choice: ipod

Favorite cartoons: My Little Pony,the Mario Cartoon,Captain N the Game Master,Hello Kitty cartoon,Ever After High,Monster High,Beetle Juice cartoon,Tiny Toons,

Favorite Movie's: Star Dust,The Last Unicorn,Flight of Dragons, Nutcracker Fantasy, Night of the Galactic RailRoad, Catnapped, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Star Wars Movies, Coraline, Corpes Bride. Baby Legend of the Lost, Avater, Rainbow Brite the Movie the Star Stealer, Little Nemo Adventure's in SlumberLand, A Journey Through Fairyland,

Favorite Games: Banjo Kazooie,Banjo Tooie,Alice Madness Returns,Star Tropics,Shadow Heart,Fatal Frame 2 and 3,Metroid Other M,Super Mario RPG,FF7,Bomberman Second Attack, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild, Last Guardian, Tales of Baseria , Super Mario 64, Bomberman Hero, Skylanders games, Fatal Frame Madine of the Black Water, Lost in Shadow, Super Mario Oddessy,Resident Evil games,

Favorite Web Comic: Homestuck, DreamKeepers, Dream Chronicles,

Personal Quote: i love to draw ^^

Favorite dolls: Pullip Dolls, Monster High Dolls, Ever After High Dolls, Encgaimal Dolls, Anime Dolls,

Favorite Character: Vriska Serket

Favorite Game Consoles: Ps4,Wii u,3ds, Nintendo Switch, N64 , Sega Saturn,

Favorite Books: Unicorn Books, Ponyella, the Thea and Geronimo Stilton books anime art books, and game art books,

Favourite Visual Artist
i have many
Favourite Movies
Vampire Hunter D,Lensman,Taro the Dragon Boy
Favourite Books
Novels, Kid Books, Manga
Favourite Games
Eternal Sonata,Metroid games, Mario Oddessy, Legend of Zelda Twilght Princess,and BOTW, Resident Evil games,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Unicorns, My Little Pony, Anime, Cartoons, Playing games, Drawing
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Hello everyone i was wondering if you all remember a show called Silverwing a cartoon about bats it was based on a book with the same name their where other books to but with different names but all of them where about bats ^^ i just started watching the show again on YouTube here is the link here if you wish to take a look at it if you'd like the show can also be found on this site as well i like this show a lot ^^ i watched it on Toon Disney a look time ago when there was a Toon Disney ^^ here are the names of the books Silverwing Sunwing Firewing Darkwing i wished they made more cartoons on the other books but they only did Silverwing but do enjoy the cartoon if you want to watch it ^^
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Hey everyone i have another idea of something fun to ask. and since it is October the Month of Spook's and Creepy Crawlies. i though i would ask you this one Question. what kind of Monsters scare you most in Video games. we all know there are many different types of monsters but which kind is the one that scare's you the most. it can be any kind that gives you the shivers. I'd love to hear your comment's on what kind freaks you the most out. for me well..... the more human looking the monster looks the creepy is it you can thank Silent Hill for that XD but just leave a comment below and let me know what kind is the most scary to you. oh and please have a safe and Happy Halloween BOO ^^
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Hey Everyone ^^ man it's been forever since i typed up anything in a Journal but here is something i wanted to ask you all if there is any type of Dungeon in a game you hate or find annoying why not tell why it can be from any game ^^ any game that has a Dungeon or something that is like a Dungeon for me i have i hate Ice Dungeon's i never liked them my reasons for this is all the slipping and sliding and annoying enemy's that cane freeze you with Waring but that is mostly from Zelda Ice Dungeons and some of the Mario one's to in Banjo Kazooie the stage or Dungeon i hated the most by Rusty Bucket and man i have my reasons for hating that one ...all the drowning that poor Banjo and Kazooie went through but i was able to get everything but still i will always hate that Stage and there are many other's i just can't name them all ^^; But if there is any Dungeon's you don't like please I'll like to hear why ^^ Friends:
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Hi there!

Thank you for all the faves!

.:thank you bear:.

Thanks for watching me :D

I created my own Characters. ;)