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Unity2014 Firefox Stylish Configs

9 configs, support any Unity 2014 and Ecnmy substyle (borderless, bordered, and aero)
Tested on FF33.0 and FF35.0 on Win 7. Also works on Win 8.1 (thanks Jamie for confirming)

I combine these configs from various configs i found at
Credit for all Firefox developers

For more awesome stuffs from our Unity 2014 collaboration,
UNITY 2014
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I dont know much about customization; is there a way to put the arrows back ?
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delete the whole lines in "hides navigation buttons" section, it will bring back your navigation buttons
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it's working thx!
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Hey, I have applied Borderless Unity theme but my Firefox still has Border (explorer window is ok) and after applied your stylish it still has border too (Win8.1, FF 35.0.1) pls !
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unfortunately there is no borderless version for Unity Win 8.
those borderless configs are for Unity VS Win 7 which has borderless version in its VS
Hi again, I have this small bug in a few site. Any help would be appreciate.…
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add this line in urlbar section
height: 24px !important;
Thank you so much I installed it on Cyberfox and everything works fine. Match the theme very well congrat.
I really like these configs but over time it becomes annoying to pixel hunt to press the new tab button.  Is there a way to make the "hitbox" a little bigger, like maybe encompassing the empty area if the cross was a square and/or a 1 pixel border?  I looked through the stylish config and found the "custom new tab button" section but I don't know/see how to tweak it.  Many thanks, I'll probably continue to use these configs even without any changes because they look so good with the Unity suite.  Sweating a little... 
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i havent figured out how to do that. i keep trying to change certain margins but i got no luck  Sweating a little...
the way i use new tab button is by clicking slightly a bit to the right side about 3-4 pixels.
or you can change left margin on 'custom new tab' section to any number you like such as 0px, 10px, etc.
Ok, I'll deal with it.  Nod   Thanks for response!  Wink/Razz 
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Hi, and thanks for these great Stylish addons and your work in the customization community.
I'm having an issue that isn't really related to your work but I wanted to know if you knew anything about it.
My close button in both Chrome and Firefox (which I switched to exclusively to use this style xD) is not matching up with the window border, it's 1 pixel to the right so it sticks out past the window border by just a hair. It's still annoying and I was wondering if you know anything about this, it's the thing that's taking away from enjoying your lovely skin, though like I said I don't think it's related. Thanks for reading.
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that issue also happens on my Chrome and Firefox. some VS has unique close button and if i dont change my Firefox appearance, it will annoy me too.
Nice :-) ...thank you!

Q: I like my bookmarks menu bar to show but it doesn't take on the Stylish theme, am I doing something wrong?
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you didnt do anything wrong :)
this happens because i dont recolor the bookmark toolbar
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wow i need to leave chrome!
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i would love to use Chrome to be honest :) but it's not fully customizable i think
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Ewww, I wouldn't even touch Chrome with Your computer, lol.
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Lovely! Feel dumb all this time limiting myself only to FF traditional themes >( . Though I miss the back and forth buttons, any hint on how to get it back?
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