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Daily Deviation
December 17, 2012
PKFRST SUITE by ~cathycatchy
Featured by neiio
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Hello, Guys :wave:

This is PKFRST setup i used from my second deviation
This suite is based on PKFRST Concept and CAD skin by pk1st
Wallpaper from preview taken from Fiftyfootshadows

Enjoy ;)

Special credit:

Thank you very much neiio aka Jamie for Daily Deviation feature :hug:
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Guys, does anyone know if you could autohide the taskbar?
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not possible, unless you edit the config and it needs a lot of efforts
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Its amazing and so awesome. I dont work with litestep so I decide to do a skin for rainmeter.
Which font do you use for that skins?
Thanks and keep up the great work.
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thanks a lot :)
it's Calibri Bold
joerg285's avatar
thanks cathy...
Fajardough's avatar
You should look into turning this into a visual style! I believe you could add the tabs by using them as window shadows. That's how I would go about it.
cathycatchy's avatar
i dont know, mate. i never tried editing VS. but if you or anyone else would make a VS that would be very helpful :) just make sure to give credit for pk1st
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I would be interested in porting it, as I really like this frame style. I've added the tabs through shadows, as I suggested. Note me.
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OMG, I'm so proud of you :D
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Can you put the ship wall link? I love it! Congrats!
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Please, can you put the down of the ship wallpaper? I love it!
doumer's avatar
very nice clean theme!
I would love to try it out, but i can't get the old lightstep to work on win7 x64 (with two minitors) :(
cathycatchy's avatar
thanks, man
Sang made a tips to make LS works on win7 x64 here [link]
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thank you :)
and also for the fave :+fav:
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I just wanna the visual style
cathycatchy's avatar
unfortunately i have no experience to do that :(
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Minimalism at its best right there! Congrats on the DD and keep up the good work mate :)
cathycatchy's avatar
thank you for your kind words and support :)
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fucking awesome man congrats for the DD:)
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