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Metro X Litestep

Yes yes, it's available now to complete the minimalist look of Metro X VS :D

Shift click on desktop to show themes options.
CTRL + ~ to show/hide command box.
There are bunch of lines in the configs, edit them carefully in case you want to modify them.
And please use Mactype for better font rendering!

Enjoy! And thanks a lot for Jamie (neiio) for releasing this awesome VS Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2]

Metro X VS for Windows 7
Metro X VS by neiio

Metro X VS for Windows 8.1
Metro X VS Win 8.1 by neiio

Potplayer Skins
Metro X Potplayer by cathycatchy

Metro X CAD by cathycatchy
© 2015 - 2021 cathycatchy
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windows 10 pretty please Dog Face Kawaii Papyrus 
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How do I install this. I'm pretty confused. I successfully installed the metro x vs theme. But I want to apply this. Can you please give me step by step instructions to get it looking like the picture. Thanks in advance
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i'm on Win 7 32bit. here is what i did:
install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013
instal LOSI installer.
download and copy the files to litestep installation directory.
that's all.
64bit is not much different, maybe you'll need to instal Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 for x86 and x64
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Wow. This Metro X theme is gorgeous. Love the colors!
Hi I would like to use this theme, but as a beginner with LS have run into many issues getting themes to work. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and have installed LS using a guide I found here on DA ( I used LOSI 0.4.5 and patched with latest alpha 0.25.0 32-bit build). My problem is that it seems every time I try to load a theme it seems that it can never load the "x modules". I have read around and found that this is a common problem with Win-7 64 bit but I am not sure how to solve it. Hopefully you can help me out?
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i also use LOSI 0.4.5. but latest alpha version also gave me some troubles on 32bit. i use ls-0.24.8 version instead.

you might need to use setshell on 64bit machine
Thanks, the problem was the alpha build,  0.24.8 works :). Now I have another question. The Windows System Icons that are normally in the system tray (Volume, Battery, Network) are not in the system tray. Not sure if the theme is hiding these Windows icons and how can i get them back?
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if they are hidden, you need to scroll it up/down. but however they dont work in litestep system tray, so we need to access them via control panel. it's been like that in Win 7.

alternatively, you can set to view battery level by doing this:
search for:
timeOnEnter                 !none

and replace with this:
timeOnEnter             !labelsettext time "Battery Level: [battery]"
timeOnLeave             !labelsettext time "[time('ddd, dd mmm')]  -  [time('hh:nn AM/PM')]"

it will show battery level by hovering date/time
Thanks for the help final question i promise :D. So alternatively I am using the a module I found "tVolEzy" that allows me to control volume with hotkeys. Problem is every time I change the Volume the Run/Command box that you included in the theme pops up here is a screenshot . I am guessing since changing the volume is a command which is why the command box pops up. Is there something i can edit in theme.rc to prevent this from happening without losing functionality of the command box?
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i downloaded the module you mentioned from github but didnt find a .dll file. so, i cant test and fix if there is a solution for this issue.

uhm, try to change command box hotkey. it's located in the last line in theme.rc. if it's still doesnt work, i think you need to disable between command box or tVolExy
I don't understand how to install this at all
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i am going to guess this only works for the 32 bit version of LS?
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the theme is similar to my FCOAR theme that is created using 32 bit.
if you're using Win 8.1 x64 bit and following this instruction 07/09/2014, it might be working well.
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So i see that the lack of background and utter madness on the taskbar are "expected". ( form earlier testing i've deduced that somehow nothing is compatible with the 2014 builds so i had to roll back to the latest LOSI available build, and it worked ) i had it working like this but then after i noticed that invoking any explorer window would just have the whole UI, with litestep on top, made things, well, not exactly fun to use, per se.

i'll try that hacky workaround and see how well it works. Thanks
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a word. AMAZINNG. 
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amazing work! n.n
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 That is absolutely gorgeous. Nice work Cathy
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ehehe thanks again Manuel Emoticon: Bow 
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Just amazing!  Finally got LS working in my Win7 VM and this kicks butt!  Thanks Cathy!
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waht?! thats really great news =P
thanks again Jamie :D
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Seriously Cathy, this is the best LS skin I´ve used, totally customatizable and usable, plus with a great style. Congrats.
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