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my current set up :)
thanks to:
pk1st for the CAD skin and inspiration
hystolke for Medusa VS
nitzua19 for TheLight.06 icons
k3ttc4r for firefox homepage
requestedRerun for Appows wallpaper
and also piotrus33 for the beautiful photo
the rests are selfmade: winamp, litestep, avepreview, true transparency
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No download link Shame :C
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Great desk!!, could you tell me please how do you do the top bar with the names of the open programs but without icons on it?
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thanks! i use Litestep :)
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That's great thank you!! I just tested it right now and it's awesome, just that I have to uninstall it each time I use it to have my start bar again as allways lol. Do you know If there's anyway to change the explorerframe in Windows XP?. 
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You dont need to replace explorer frame if you're using WinXP. I also use WinXP, i simply change my VS, use True Transparency and Styler Toolbar skin.
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That's great bro thank you so much! I just tested a little more the styler toolbar and finally I could change the explorerframe that easy!! :D are you using True Transparency on this one? If so, what for?.
I hope not to bother you that much mate but how do you change the navigation panel on the left side of the windows?. I'm on XP, but I can't find a guide of how to do it or something like that, could you tell me please?. I've heard is not as simple as it seems. Thank you so much in advice bro!.
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true transparency changes your title bar and window borders.

for navigation panel: go to folder option on windows explorer, check 'use windows classic folder' on general tab, and you can get your explorer to look like mine.
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thank you :)
the setup is available to download
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boat wall plz
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check piotrus33's gallery ;)
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any chance i can get the resources for this? TT, Litestep, Homepage
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check your note
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great SS, could you tell from the appows wallpaper, which one you using, plz ? thks
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Thanks for the reply, i know its from that package but what wallpaper number didi u use ?
I would like to ask other thing, did you resized the wall or in photoshop u did a new image with the resolution of your computer screen and drop there the 1920x1200 wall ?
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it's number 7
i cropped it and resized it for my screen resolution
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"nice" cant i have the resources please ?
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i'll send them to your note
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you think you could also send that homepage as well mate ? (:
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Awesome work mate, could u share ressources plz ?! :D
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