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Finger Art: Earth Day

Happy belated earth day! :D :) :hug:

I handcrafted and painted everything by my own, there's no digital addings of the details like the ukulele, hats, earth, beer or something else.
I just added a few arms/hands of the fingers digital. :)

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Cute! Looks fun to do as well.
IM A LIL offended
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i love how the irish one has beer......he is irish right?
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great idea! you've created a new kind of art!:)
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ahah! Lovely and funny! (: ♥
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The thumb represents the everyman!:iconherotimeplz:
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wow this is awesome! the little faces are so cute. very unique idea too :hug:
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Wow, you take creativity to another level... Awesome! :D High five to the world!

:earth::highfive::earth: (Heh, or 2...)
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OH MY GOSHHHHH!!! COOOOOLLLLL! insert to my group ok?
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Really nicely done!
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yeah I totally forget it xD After I washed my hands I was like- "Doh! What's about the thumb!"...well ^^;
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Haaha its ok... new borns?
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what do you mean ?
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like the thumb represents new borns cuz like they are every were
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