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Congratulations to the following artists for winning the polls. You will have you artworks made ready to sell as book covers and will be displayed on my page here…

Voting has started, NO asking friends, etc through polls, messages or notes to vote - lets keep it fair.

Poll 1 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner Time to move forward .. by aninur

Poll 2 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner One Summer's Day by xxmissyxx101

Poll 3 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner The Secret by MiaJitaru

Poll 4 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner Feel Me Heaven by artmatrix

Poll 5 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner Black Veil bookcover by DragonDew

Poll 6 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner Solitaria by MariaJoseHidalgo

Poll 7 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Winner Smoke in the night by EerilyfairDesign

Hi, below are the images you can work with. Make sure if you use other stock as well from someone else, that commercial use is allowed. That's a must.

Black veil by CathleenTarawhiti   Black veil 2 by CathleenTarawhiti   Black veil 3 by CathleenTarawhiti   Black veil 4 by CathleenTarawhiti   Black veil 5 by CathleenTarawhiti

To enter, post your artwork here in the comments. Try and keep them as close to portrait format as opposed to square or landscape; around 20cm width x 30cm height. Don't worry about doing the text, I'll sort that out later with the finalist images unless you really like doing it. Limited to five entries per person.  Deadline in two weeks, 9th September New Zealand time (remember New Zealand is one or two days ahead of the rest of the world).
NO asking friends, etc through polls, messages or notes to vote - lets keep it fair.
Then we'll have some polls and I will display the poll winners images in the gallery on Facebook for sale.
Cathleen Tarawhiti - Photographer

Entries -
Crow's Calling by xxmissyxx101   Sun Goddess by Vampiric-Time-Lord   Eternal Darkness by FallenAngelArmy   Snowy Gaze by TL-Designz  The High  Priestess by xxmissyxx101  One Summer's Day by xxmissyxx101   Smoke in the night by EerilyfairDesign   <da:thumb id="396236034"/>   The Holy women by holydevil72   Solitaria by MariaJoseHidalgo   Sadness by krazyemomom      The Secret by MiaJitaru   Untitled by hewbeast   Black Veil bookcover by DragonDew   Feel Me Heaven by artmatrix   Under The Moonlight by xxmissyxx101   Twin-Stalk by krazyemomom   Someone Like You by LordNicax   Sun's Last Kiss by debzdezigns-lamb68   <da:thumb id="396979575"/>   Calling you back by aninur   Book Cover Contest 11 by dormantparadox   Book cover challenge - black veil 01 by Th3-Gr3at-ESCap3   <da:thumb id="397375886"/>   The Curse by MiaJitaru   Hunters by aninur   Book Cover Challenge 2 by Ravenshymn   Ice Princess by jasonswint   <da:thumb id="397277320"/>   Black Veil by oosDesign   <da:thumb id="397372485"/>   <da:thumb id="397724151"/>   RavensWood by TaniaART   Black Veil by Odrobinka   Fire of Hope by Bojan1558   Milky Moon3 by JoseArdid53   She Waits by amethystmstock   Blue Mist by amethystmstock   Sea Spray 2 by amethystmstock   Woman in the Veil by gabzillagr   Eternal by amethystmstock   Lost in Time by amethystmstock   La Dama by JoseArdid53     The Temple of Alexandria by xxmissyxx101  black veil by ZedLord-Art   <da:thumb id="398477604"/>   <da:thumb id="398489422"/>   <da:thumb id="398502255"/>    black veil 2 by ZedLord-Art   Our Last Goodbye-Book Cover Challenge by areemus   <da:thumb id="398677503"/>   <da:thumb id="398681312"/>   <da:thumb id="398682187"/>   <da:thumb id="398683108"/>   Black Veil by AliaChek   Black veil 2 by oosDesign   Time to move forward .. by aninur  

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I started making one... and couldn't make it. Oh well... I'll vote! :)
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Here are my 5 entries:……………

I wasn't sure about the license thing considering it's your stock and at the same time your challenge... Let me know if you want it modified. Hope you like my entries :)
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Hi, the last one I'd suggest you replace with a new one as it's two similar to your fourth entry :)
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I will stay with 4 entries. :)
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Here is my entry dear~
Sorry for late~
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Hi Sumera, are you able to move the guy in closer so you can crop it to a rectangle. It's a bit too square for a book cover :)
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OKay sure...i will try to do it dear~ And will send you by mail okay dear!~ If thats fine with you? :D
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That's very fine with me :)
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I have another entry, but I am awaiting a permission for commercial use because it was not specified. There were no rules listed?






I can note you as soon as I hear back from her?

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