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Congratulations to the following artists for winning the polls. You will have you artwork made ready to sell as book covers and will be displayed on my page here…
Poll 1 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…

Winner Laura 2 by Amaranta-G

Poll 2 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…

Winner Book Cover 3 lauraypablo by lauraypablo

Poll 3 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…

Winner Book cover by Trixhi

Poll 4 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…

Winner Book cover 11 by RenatoSs

Poll 5 cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…

Winner Book Cover Challenge Entry #1 - Laura by Raine17

I have also chosen these artworks to make into book covers -

Book cover 9 by RenatoSs  Laura 3 by Amaranta-G  Bookcoverchallengelaura by KarinSPhotography   Anyone there? by HILIF   Laura (B) by DigitalButterflyy

Book Cover Laura by marcosnogueiracb  Laura by maiarcita  Winter Solitude by amethystmstock   Memories by Renata-s-art   Book cover by Trixhi

Book cover III by Liwera  Laura 1 by Amaranta-G  Ocean Wind Concept Cover by DJMadameNoir   Book Cover Entry2 - Laura by StarfireArizona   Lost by Rowdy-Dawg   Scared by Julianez

Hi, I'm very fortunate to have many author friends on my Facebook page so, to benefit us all, I put up my favourite artworks using my stock (with the artists permission of course) for authors to browse. Once in a while they even buy one :) (Smile) Whatever fee I charge, I go halves with the digital artist through Paypal.

Below are the images you can work with, along with any stock from my scenery stock cathleentarawhiti.deviantart.c…
Make sure if you use other stock as well from someone else, that commercial use is allowed. That's a must.

Laura 17 by CathleenTarawhiti  Laura 7 by CathleenTarawhiti  Laura 23 by CathleenTarawhiti Laura 19 by CathleenTarawhiti Laura 20 by CathleenTarawhiti

Laura 4 by CathleenTarawhiti  Laura 15 by CathleenTarawhiti  Laura 14 by CathleenTarawhiti Laura 21 by CathleenTarawhiti Laura 3 by CathleenTarawhiti

To enter, post your artwork here in the comments. (Put it as a new comment here rather than a follow-on to any other comments you make,I have dozens of comments to reply to and I see the journals first).  Don't worry about doing the text, I'll sort that out later with the finalist images unless you really like doing it. Limited to five entries per person. Deadline in two weeks, 2 March New Zealand time (remember New Zealand is one or two days ahead of the rest of the world).
NO asking friends, etc through polls, messages or notes to vote - lets keep it fair.
Then we'll have some polls and I will display the poll winners images in the gallery on Facebook and/or on The Book Cover Designer… for sale.…

Entries -    

  Book cover 7 by RenatoSs  Book Cover Laura by AugustoDigitalArt  Book cover by Trixhi  Book cover 8 v2 by RenatoSs  Bookcoverchallengelaura by KarinSPhotography

Chased by KarinClaessonArt  Power by astoundedstars  Book cover III by Liwera  Book cover 9 by RenatoSs  Laura 1 by Amaranta-G

Wanderlust by emma-blues  Book cover 10 by RenatoSs  Book Cover Laura by marcosnogueiracb Anyone there? by HILIF  By The Sea by astoundedstars

Laura 2 by Amaranta-G  Book cover by Trixhi  Scared by Julianez  <da:thumb id="664963507"/>  Winter Solitude by amethystmstock

Book cover 3 by Trixhi  Lost in Time by amethystmstock  Love in Ruins by amethystmstock  Selective memory by theheek  Book cover 11 by RenatoSs

Girl in the Mirror by cherie-stenson  Laura by cherie-stenson  Late Walk by FoxyM8  Laura 3 by Amaranta-G  Laura (B) by DigitalButterflyy

Laura's Dream by amethystmstock  Closed doors by theheek  Book cover by ahcsourav   Laura by tacitrequiem  Book Cover Entry2 - Laura by StarfireArizona

Clandestine Rendezvous by Rowdy-Dawg  Enchanted Evening by Rowdy-Dawg  Lost by Rowdy-Dawg  Still Winther by Trixhi  Memories by Renata-s-art

Laura by maiarcita  book cover Laura by Lolita-Artz    Ocean Wind Concept Cover by DJMadameNoir  Laura by doclicio  Book Cover Challenge Entry #1 - Laura by Raine17

Secret identities(Book cover) by davdajuhi  Book Cover 3 lauraypablo by lauraypablo                      

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I Would Go With "Laura 23" & "Chased" :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :rose:
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Would Be Wobderful To Have You Weekly Or Monthly Post This On Our Front Page :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :rose:
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My entry : Secret identities

i hope i'm not late Sweating a little... 
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Great contest. Clap  First time competetor here. Lol, here's my entry. Thanks for the opportunity.:happybounce:
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Laura by doclicio  my entry thanks :-)
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hi Cathleen! :wave:  here is my entry book cover Laura by Lolita-Artz    thank you very much :)
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Hi dear, this is my entry...

Laura by maiarcita
Thankss!! :blowkiss::rose:
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