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Book cover mockup 7 artwork 1128

$5 USD or $15 for 5 mockups - the range can be found here…
More coming soon
Payment can be made through Paypal to me at
Once paid, they are yours to use as often as you like
The artworks on the preview covers are for sale as book covers separately

Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson

Enclosed in the download is the PSD file. Directions -
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson open the PSD file in Photoshop
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson open your book cover/artwork that you want to use
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson on the PSD file, go to the 'rectangle' layer on the right
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson double-click on the little square (smart object) in the right hand corner of the rectangle layer
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson the black smart object file will open up. Drag your artwork over the rectangle and size it to fit totally covering it
Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Bulletcrimson Save then go back to the original PSD file and voila, there is your artwork in the mochup
If you get stuck, no problem. Send your artwork and let me know which mockup/s you've purchased to me at and I'll add them for you :)

© Photography by Cathleen Tarawhiti 2007 - 2021

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