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WIP Wraithknight

Here is my Wraithknight... I really did want to render him up a lot more than I have... but I lost time and so he has stayed as speed paint really - although I quite roughness.  He's as complete as he is going to get.

Warhammer fans out there - If you have time to check out some of my other warhammer related work i'd love your feedback!

EDIT: So decided this guy may be worth finishing off. Have pulled back to greyscale to render up and create some focus.
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First of all: WOW!!! WHat a picture!!! It's royal!

I'll start with the good sides, as always.
This picture has a powerful impact on everyone because of the movements and the mood to fight that you have managed to involve in this picture so everyone that looks at this can feel it. The choice of warm colors (reddish-brown-black) brings excitement and tense that was intentioned, I assume. Very good job. The pic seems alive.

The characters are in fitting positions and moving. This picture has perspective, too. These aspects make it more dynamic. Wonderful.

I kinda miss a little more clearnless. With lineart, etc, especially the flames... Ok, flames of course don't need lineart, but in this case they look rather like volcanic smoke than fire...

But that's all. ^-~

If I had to give it points I'd give it 8 out of 10 C:
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You must finish this!
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awesome!! finaly someone painted the wraithknight!:D
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I love wraithnights. i got two of them, i want to get a third so i can run that Apocalypse formation. I like the watercolor effect you did, looks great.
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YES! Finally, a good picture of this 6th edition epic unit.
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Very dynamic work on this epic scene :D
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Thanks. I had wanted to render it up A LOT further but I had other pieces that I needed to start on - so he stayed as a WIP - but I quite like the energy of it. T'anks ;)
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I that Wraithknight... pink?
Catherine-OC's avatar
errr.... no no he's definitely red...
ManWithTheMetalArm's avatar
Ah, in the lighting he looks pink though, so that's why I was confused
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Awesome picture, thou at first glance it did look like he was strutting across the battlefield lol :D
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hahaha... you should have seen the earlier version - it was like 'Saturday Night Fever' in the 41st Milennium ;) 

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