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"Art is my therapy, my remedy & my addiction" -HES
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"I've always been an artist at heart but in 5th grade I came to the conclusion I wasn't good enough and stopped drawling for years (4), this along with chronic depression and anxiety left me devastated. But when I began high school and rededicated/exhumed my life to Christ I started drawing again, it started with a doodle here and doodle there but I never grew brave enough to post anywhere. Years later I am still a beginner but I'm exploring new mediums (like digital) and slowly but surely getting better (≧◡≦) ♡!"

~To all those out there living life losing hope, please know I have been there and I'm here for you (note me if you would like to talk) I have anxiety , depression, and OCD (not the neat-freak kind, the kind where you can't get out of bed and you can't be rid of your thoughts) I'm learning to live through it and I know you can too (^_−)−☆
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Why yes I am a ADOPTAHOLIC, thanks for noticing XD idk why I said this

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So update on my life, I was in a very serious car crash Tuesday and could have lost my life if not for a side airbag. I'm okay, God kept his hand on me and I only have a few bruises when I should probably be in the hospital or worse. My car, which I had just gotten out of the shop was totaled but I'm still alive so I guess life goes on. However I would greatly appreciate any prayers as I no longer have any form of transportation and it will be a struggle to get to work from now on. ANDDDDD I'm rambling, anyways,  I thought that since this is the second time I've been in a life threatening situation in the last two months but God has kept me safe I might as well stop beating around the bush and write my stupid book. I've been saying for years now that "I'll write it when I'm a better writer" but what if that never happens because I never write? So I found this old story in my file (old as in a Senior year creative writing project)and thought I'd share it with all of you and see what you think. Comments & constructive criticism are greatly appreciated, as I won't know what you liked/didn't if ya'll don't tell me. 


She stood. Alone amongst the rubble.  Her hand trembled, as if she would bend and snap like a blade of grass should a single breeze blow by. And it did blow, but she did not fall. Instead it tousled her hair and dust from debris clung to it causing the warm chocolate brown to turn a dusty ashen gray. What could only be seen from her standpoint were the limp hands and lifeless bodies toppled by bricks and foundation. The silence that gripped her could not be persuaded even by the wind to leave. Its presence was by far a greater force of nature than a storm. 
As if to spite and exorcise it she started to laugh. What else was there to do? Laugh.    
“HaHaha ha”, it trickled out of her at first like a stream. She reveled in it.
Then the dam opened up and it came rushing out like a river. “HAHAHAHA ha-ha,” tears streamed down her face from the strength of the laughter that resonated in her chest.  The laughter stopped abruptly and a smile appeared on her face.
*GASP* The agonizing intake of air caused a spasm throughout her body. Rina sprang from the bed like a zombie bursts forth from its grave. Following harsh rapid breaths as she gripped the bed sheets, her knuckles turning white under the strain. Her breathing wasn’t the only thing she was trying to regain control of. She felt it shift, and shiver inside her, like a hunger it growled demanding to be acknowledged. Not now she sighed, inhaling and exhaling using the techniques the orphanage's therapist had taught her. Dr. Borns had assumed she needed help controlling her volatile emotions, of course they had apart to play but the real trouble was caused by the that thing behind the curtains. I Am In Control, I am in control… the chant was able to subdue it but she knew it would come back fiercer than ever. The aching in her head was always there, but years of practice had allowed it to disappear when she focused.
Her concentration was diverted by her attempt to remember the dream. Dream? No it had to have been a nightmare, the terror she felt, and the way she woke up, what else could it have been. She had always had dreams. Sometimes, they played out like a movie where she was either the audience or the actor. Sometimes they remained vague images, blurry and distorted to context in her memory. But this was different. She couldn’t remember what had happened, but she knew how it felt. The breeze, the …laughter. She shuddered.  The voice sounded familiar, but she couldn’t put together who or from where. The effect it had on her though, was incredibly strong. Whatever had happen in that nightmare felt real, too real.             
Ten long minutes ticked by, allowing her to recuperate enough to get out of bed and get ready for school. After completing her morning routine, she flew down the spiral stairs and rushed into the kitchen. Ms. Mae was waiting for her at the table, on her outstretched arm a plate with an array of breakfast items.
“And here I thought I would never see the day that you actually went to school on time.” Her eyebrow was arched like the peak of a mountain; voice so compliant Rina almost couldn’t feel the sarcasm.
“Very funny, and if I stay here any longer to discuss I would get there at seven!” Rina’s eyes rolled as she spoke.

Going to the finest academy for the rich, talented, and gifted was great, except for the fact classes started at promptly seven in the morning.  Rina left every morning by 6:05AM so she could have her “free time”. Ms. Mae lived in a large apartment complex that shared a modern gothic vibe like the rest of the city. After creating the orphanage, she cared for over fifty children, in six different locations.  Eight lived with her, the oldest being Rina at 17. The rest were still asleep upstairs, as they were blessed enough to go to public school and sleep in another hour. Without Ms. Mae, Rina’s despair would have peaked and her powers would have consumed her. She would never have even thought about going to school, let alone being given a scholarship to go to the most prestigious one in all of the city. The plate’s content disappeared and Rina tensed as her hand brushed Ms. Mae’s. 

"What could she be doing for forty minutes every day?  It only takes twenty by walking to get to school. Oh Lordy if she ends up  in a dumpster somewhere I’ll never forgive myself."
Ouch. It always hurt, hearing their thoughts, feeling their emotions. It was like peering through a magnified glass. Everything hidden was revealed, everything became defined and sharp: but it was too strong and burned a hole through their exterior. Lies, truths, fears, secrets, if the thought occurred, she felt it. That was the trouble with her powers; at the beginning they had overwhelmed her. Everyone’s emotions had projected onto her, until she couldn’t distinguish the difference between hers and theirs.
"She doesn’t trust you"
that voice whispered. "She only puts up with your perfect exterior, if she knew who you were, if she knew what you were, what you did, she wouldn’t love you. None of them would." 

Ah, there it was. The one voice she could always tell apart from the others, her own. The hunger came back; her powers were being more aggressive in force today. She said goodbye to Ms. Mae, and headed out the door. Walking outside, the first brilliant rays of morning sunlight basked her in their warmth and lifted her mood. She didn’t need to paint on a smile; it grew on its own across her face. The Eventides skyscrapers glistened while the rest of the city looked unnatural in the sunlight. The city has an unpleasant obsession with darkness; its old worn gothic style looked like it belonged in the Medieval Times.
It took some self-control not to take over and remodeled the city to be cleaner, livelier and safer. So Rina had settled with a campaign to paint over the vulgar graffiti that covered the city with colorful, lustrous pieces of art and change the atmosphere.  The idea was well taken by the school board. Eventually with a little “suggestion” to the mayor it spread throughout the whole city: thanks to her artistic friends and the support of local artists.                
 Rina was twenty minutes later than her normal schedule and decided to take a short cut to get to school. After a quick glance around her surroundings and out of sight of Ms. Mae’s windows she ducked into a dark alley and lifted effortlessly off the ground. Her abilities allowed her to use telekinesis to control any form with mass, as well as incredibly vast telepathy which she had used to cleanse the city. As she drifted in the sky, she observed everything seen and unseen.

 While staring at a building she focused on the strings she had placed on everyone within. When she had first realized her abilities she vowed never to use them against humanity. But after the second shooting, twelfth murder and third bombing in two months she danced on the rigged type wire of what’s humane. When Rina became Rayla she used her power to connect everyone to her. Like a single thread interwoven to create a blanket, she covered the city with invisible cords connecting to each and every mind within. When a dangerous thought occurred she felt a tug on her end, like the firing of a single nerve in her body. If the pull continued which meant they planned to act on this thought, she would give it a mental tug back, causing the perpetrator to have a massive splitting headache and hopefully keep them from acting. (She knew there were people walking around with migraines daily) But that was as far as she would go, using a leash to gently guide them in the right direction and a collar to keep them from getting lost. They had their personal privacy, each door to their minds was jammed shut save the string that slipped through the keyhole. The only way the door opened and Rina could read their mind was through physical contact, something she tried vehemently to avoid.

Self-criticism and contemplation of what she was doing whether right or wrong was always swirling within the depths of her mind. But doubts in her case led to disaster, so she decided not to ponder her faults any more and shot towards school like a missile: leaving the rest behind her. On her way she passed the epitome of her critics, a white shining eleven-foot statue of Eventides finest hero: her.
Rina by day was known to be a friendly, straight-A student; someone mature enough to look up to and yet relatable for sharing his or her personal struggles with. By night she revealed another side of her. She was Rayla the compassionate, courageous heroine who used her powers to save others. Due to her threads, the number of murders, bombings, rape, kidnapping etc. fissile out to almost zero. But as the saying goes “accidents happen” and car crashes, injuries, gas leaks, fires and other uncontrollable events caused Rina to stay on or even off her toes incisively as the city’s guardian. 

Landing a block before the school grounds, she merged in with the others students, appearing to have walked here from home like the rest. Spotting the familiar yellow locks, she walked towards her friend.
The girl turned, seeing her gasped and waved her hand franticly as if Rina was blind, and called out “ RinRin, over here!” Embarrassed, Rina quickened her pace and caught up.

“Hey Jelly, nice shirt, where did you get it?” Rina motioned towards the figure posing on Jelly’s shirt. It was none other than herself, well her other self. 

“Get it?” she laughed “I made it, found some fabric paints in the shed, don’t know what they were doing there but figured their mine now” She winked and Rina couldn’t help but laugh too because Jelly was holding her hand and as she spoke thought "found them in the class supplies box, hadn’t been used in ages so I took them." 

“Can't help but be proud of this one, looks just like her- or it would, you know if we actually had any pics of her. That would have been a lot easier, instead of having to use descriptions from first person accounts.” She sighed rolling her eyes. "Total hassle, scrolling through all those fake spotlight seeking leaches and finding the real deal”.

She lifted her chin as she spoke "After hours of my Billy being trapped in a tree" She sniffed "and with no help from any law enforcement, or the fire department, my salvation appeared in the form of an angel. She was basked in a glow of light and held my temperamental Billy with ease."

Exclaiming in a exasperated tone "Honestly I don't know what's worse, that some crazy woman believes in angels or the fact that Billy was actually a ten foot snake!"

Rina couldn't hold the snort which escaped from her mouth "are you serious?! that's hilarious!!!" Rina was glad Jelly’s (which was her nickname for Angelica) rendering of her was so off that no one could identify Rina as Rayla.

The class passed by slowly, and in addition to the classwork, Rina’s headache grew and grew until it was migraine level. The pain became so great that she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Which was bad. Very bad. It meant she was losing control of the threads that remained steadfast even in her sleep. Something was pulling Her thread, the one only She had access to. How? She didn’t know. Rina stood up to ask if she could leave when the pulling became so hard it forced her to her knees and before she could open her mouth it dragged her underneath. The moment her consciousness was knocked out all of the threads snapped and released every thought from its chains. And chaos ensued. 

Rina was unaware of the release, or the effects it was having, she was somewhere within a dream, only this time she was viewing the vision as the audience. Before her was an army, its commander's back was towards her but the silver gray hair stood out amongst the black uniforms. The female spoke, her voice harsh yet recognizable. It was the voice from her dream.
“For your treasonous thoughts against me, you and your family shall be executed!" The voice was gleefully cruel. 

LOL so that's all for now folks! Keep in mind I have no clue what I'm doing :P     BUT THANK YOU FOR READING! :squee: Have a nice day lovelies :love:  

1/7/18 *edits* 
-used auto stash voice to read story aloud and correct grammatical errors
- like the sound of " Rina " instead of "Rinla"
- conversation between friends will have significance later on (still in process) 
- privet vs public school
- who and how old the other eight children are.


"why does one need to waste hours trying to describe them-self when it seconds they can do it with STAMPS?!!" :heart: XD

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