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[[FREE Pattern]] Home is Where My Butt is

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So I was looking through some folders full of old screenshots and saved images that I failed to organize (no, seriously, I still have around 100,000 to sort through, that I know of, at least), and found this adorable Pusheen image. Instantly I decided it would make an awesome cross-stitch, so I decided to make it. : D

I hope you enjoy.~ Show me when you're finished, I'd love to see it completed. :3
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I'll be starting work on this today or tomorrow! eeee

(& bless you for offering it free-- I mean, I know you can't necessarily sell it since pusheen isn't your creation and that would copyright, but I know there are some people who'd try and charge 10 bucks for this anyways..

can I offer you some kind of donation, either paypal or dA? I'd make it equivalent to 5 bucks.. if you want ((I just think you deserve something for being AMAZING)))

p.s. what program did you use to convert/make this? I've just been using graphing paper D:
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Oh my goodness, I couldn't possibly accept a donation, it would make me feel bad. But thank you for offering anyway! <3 Any pattern I make will be free.~

I used Photoshop to make it, though there are programs out there that are specifically designed for making patterns like this. If you're on a PC, I think there are a few that are free.
I could try making a tutorial on it, if you want. ^.^

Anyway, I'd love to see your finished result. :D
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This one made me laugh. I like it :D I'm going to have to make this one day :nod:
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Haha, thanks. ^.^ Be sure to show me, if you do make it~
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Bwahahaha! I may have to stitch this, though I may change the cat's colors to match my own kitty. :D
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Haha, that'd work. (: I'd love to see it, if you do stitch it~
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Yay Pusheen :3 Totally going to make this when I have time ^^
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Hehe, awesome. :] I'd love to see it~
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