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Shrinky-Dinks Tutorial

Because I got a lot of questions on this stuff, here's a tutorial. Feedback on items like these are appreciated!
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Do you know if Faber-Castell's pencils work fine on the magic plastic? Those are the only quality pencils I've got and I would prefer not to spend money on buying Prismacolors now :'D
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What kind of brand shrinka dinks do you use amazon link would be very helpful because the kind I use curled up before I can flatten it
LilMochii's avatar
cute i alrady know how to do shirnkydinks but i wanted to read this sometimes my dinks if they are long turn up on there sides but i have not had any stick to themselfs i also like to color the border around the image it sorta makes it pop 
AmyFluffyPaws's avatar
This is very helpful! can't wait to try it out for myself.
jessilamyen's avatar
What kind of modge podge did you use?
TheMissFang's avatar
Awesome ! I must try it ! 
Torazola's avatar
Cool! I've gotta get myself some of this! :D
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Great tutorial! So many of my questions were answered. And so I hate to ask, but. I don't have Mod-Podge. Do you think Krylon Clear Finish would be any different? 
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i wonder about something, the only sort i can seem to buy of the original shrinky dinks in german is called like"crystal" i guess mos thave the frosted one , a few artists a saw it looked very much cystal shaped like a crinkle effect , which wa sbeautiful and tried to get frosted shrinky for a not ridiculous price somewhere.  but seeing this tutorial the unbaked foil looks ver ymuch like mine, with horizondal-half eclipes-scratches as base structure .. are you really using the frosted shown on photo ? ._.   this is mine btw…
and heres what they show when selling frosted , which looks different and nicer I think… ... 

I am confused by that.
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There's two different kinds of shrinky dinks you're talking about. There's the "Ruff N' Ready Frosted" (… ) which has 1 sided pre-sanded,
and another called "Crystal Clear", which is not. (…

The only reason the other ones look nicer is because the picture isn't as close up. They usually look like that because they are machine sanded. Hope this helps.
Tropicanine's avatar
ah okay thanks when theres only one with one rough side than the one i got should be frosted, while resells in germany they have other cover for it and its called kristall soo its confusing lol.
ElectricSerge's avatar
I could imagine how confusing that must be XD; You CAN sand the smooth ones yourself, just probably won't look as good. I'm not sure if the Sepia or White ones come pre-sanded either
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Hmmmm I don't think I can get Shrinky Dinks in my country nor do I have an e-bay or amazon account o3o...are there any alternatives for Shrinky Dinks? o3o
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How do you make it so it isn't clear?
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 There's a type of Shrinky Dinks paper that has a bright, white background instead of a clear one. But I'm not sure what to do so that a clear sheet of shrinky dinks can become white. Maybe coloring the clear spaces with white marker or colored pencil maybe?
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
Oh okay thanks! It was the bright white one you were referring to and managed to find some. 
partywolfgirl's avatar
Cool I'm goin 2 try this :)
lilkaylii's avatar
I just ordered some shrink wrap paper to start trying these out, and this was the most useful tutorial I've seen. Thanks for the help, I can't wait to make my own :D
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Hey there, im just asking, could you use wax paper for the shrinky dinks..? Cause ALL i SEEM TO HAVE IS WAX PAPER.
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This is a nice tutorial! I hope this haven't been asked yet xP Sorry if it did; to lazy to go through all comments section here >.>

I've made a sheet full of my own design... instead of coloring it (I heard some color wash off... can't remember; saw that comment a long time ago) I glittered it...

Anyway, my question is... would 'crayon color pencil' work? (sorry if I spelled it wrong, I haven't use those pencil in so long) or must it be prismacolor brand? is there other brand of pencil color you would recommend?

I wanna save as much as I can; so just wondering what other pencil brand would work before I hit to the craft store! ^_^

Thanks you!
CatharsisJB's avatar
I don't know about "crayon color pencil" - do you mean Crayola brand? Or an actual crayon/colored pencil mix? Crayolas are okay, but not very high-end. Prismacolor and higher end colored pencils go on more smoothly.
chibilama's avatar
yes, Crayola... sorry for the typo. thank you.
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I've totally been wanting to make keychains and stuff to expand my "merchandise," but I'm kind of poor at the moment sooo this is something I might try. Thanks so much for sharing this!
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