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April 30, 2010
" Self Portrait by =CatharsisJB is a really funny but an amazing idea of a self portrait... animal style of course. " -jcroxas

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Self Portrait



Edit: (Now submitted as print) /edit

"Okay! I did an arts! Am I popular on deviantArt now? ... what do you mean, 'Needs more boobs and/or anime?'"

I can't stop laughing at this pic. A little work went into it ^__^

The gecko is Taquito, really my most calm and sweet gecko. She's always like "Do what you muuuust."

Not to take credit away from Taquito, but I'm totally gonna. The painting is a mini watercolor on watercolor paper. As is the painter's palette :) I even made her a tiny paintbrush out of a toothpick, some tape, and the hair off of one of the cheap and near-dead brushes I've been overusing. :P

The film canister pedestal is a nod to my infatuation with this stupid camera, heh.

ANYway, Taquito is all ready to have her painting hung up in an art gallery. I don't want ANYONE telling her it's bad. *grumpgrump*

You can find more info about these geckos here: [link]

Please don't re-use my images!

Oh wow! Thanks so much for the DD. I'm so so happy to share a picture of one of my favorite animals. Taquito is now officially popular on dA, and she didn't even need boobs or animes.
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