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Hatchling Minestrone with a grin on some paint! He wants to be an arteeeest when he grows up. Poor little delusional bastard.

This animal is a crested gecko, or rhacodactylus ciliatus. You can read more about them (or possibly purchase one from me) by clicking here!

Please don't edit or re-use my images!

Edit - what the hey? Within 5 minutes of putting this up already 50+ faves? Did it glitch somewhere or something? 'Cause that's never happened before. (Not complaining! Just wondering if I broke something as I am wont to do...)

Edit the 2nd - Ohh okay it ended up on the popular page for some reason! That explains it. Thanks so much for the bump, guys and gals! *hughug* Minestrone appreciates you!
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I love all of your pictures they are so unique and cute!