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September 13, 2008
Not My Cup by *CatharsisJB
Creative, crafty and too cute to resist !
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Not My Cup



Sorry for the edit - now available as a print!

Tequila says, "Celebrating your stupid birthday is NOT my cup of tea. Also tea parties are LAAAAAAaaaaaame. ... Wait, you have candied crickets? Well... maybe I'll stay for a little while. But I did NOT bring a present. Unless you count what I just left on your table."

I am actually very happy with Tequila - when I first got him (first month or two), he was intensely feisty and had bitten me hard enough to break the skin twice. After a few more months of handling, he has become one of my calmest geckos. He keeps an eye on me at all times but easily hand-walks and then eventually just curls up and goes to sleep in my hand.

He is also a huuuuge oinker. I had to put him on a diet!

More info on Tequila and his friends: [link]

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He reminds me of Gummy from my little pony ^^