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From the full-sized: [link]

This stamp does actually have some meaning. I hope you will read this.

Since I started posting these gecko pictures, I've ended up (purposely or otherwise) encouraging people to go out and invest in the hobby of reptile-keeping. Some people who have picked up crested geckos in the recently past months, I'm sure, are well-suited to the task of keeping their new pets happy. However, I do need to add a note of caution.

Geckos, or reptiles of any kind, are not like kitties and puppies.

You can't just go out and get one and take it in to just any vet when it gets sick; do your research ahead of time and make sure you have a herp-knowledgeable veterinarian in your area, or in an area that you are willing to drive to.

You can't handle them a ton like you can with mammal pets or they get stressed out; they are, for the most part, a look-but-don't-touch-too-much set of creatures. When I photograph my lizards, I take them out for about 10-15 minutes to do so and they go right back in to rest.

Some reptile species tend towards "mean." You can often train dogs out of bad behavior; there is very little you can do to stop an iguana from taking a chunk out of your hand aside from learning how to hold the animal to avoid the teeth and tail. When your beautiful Tokay gecko draws blood just because you wanted to pick him up, you can't yell "NO" at him or take him into the Lizard Training Class. That's just how they are.

There are entry-level lizards and there are animals that beginners have no business owning. Crested geckos are very easy to care for, as far as reptiles go. They still have specific requirements that must be met. You can take a kitten home with a food and water dish and a litterbox, and it's mostly set and happy. Reptiles need special humidity gauges so you can make sure they're shedding properly. They usually have very specific diets you need to follow. They need specific heat settings - too much temperature change one way or the other can stress an animal out, lead to poor eating, and eventually kill it. They need places in their enclosures in which they can feel safe, and enough room for something their size to move around. (PLEASE do research to find out how big your animal will get before you make your commitment! A 5-inch iguana baby can turn into a 6-foot monster. If you have no room for the end product, you should not get that adorable baby.)

Most importantly, there are tons of conflicting care sheets out there. When I first looked into getting crested geckos, I read that baby food was a viable food source for them. Only after a few weeks of digging around (BEFORE making my gecko purchase) did I discover that that feeding method is outdated and possibly dangerous to the health of the gecko, as baby food is formulated for, well, human babies. There are now better options out there.

I encourage you, if you are looking to bring home a reptile pet, to get involved in not just one, but several internet forums for your specific animal if you can. Lurk, ask questions, understand what you are getting into. If that's not an option, look to see if your area has a local Herp Society. Visit reptile swaps/shows. Ask many different breeders what they recommend for keeping animals healthy. Don't just go by one source, because that one source could be misinformed, outdated, or just dangerously incorrect (though there are some conscientious keepers there, I've discovered that YouTube is a horrible repository for many dangerous animal-keeping "tips"). Keep your eyes open and be flexible and willing to change the way you care for your animals if it becomes apparent that your old method of husbandry is outdated.

Jumping in headfirst to almost anything can be dangerous - doing so with reptile-keeping can be dangerous to your new pet. Please, keep your lizards, snakes, tortoises, whatever, happy, and do some research before you buy.

If you use this stamp, do it to support being well-informed about your pets!
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CatsandStyooth's avatar
CatsandStyooth|Hobbyist Digital Artist
As I always say "A happy reptile makes me a happy person"
And it always puts a smile on my face when I see people taking good care of their reptiles so that they're happy and healthy ^^
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aquafox12's avatar
Aww reminds me of the smiling cresties at work ^^
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KyuremObsession's avatar
KyuremObsession|Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, it's so cute! I wouldn't actually get a pet snake or lizard, because I believe such animals are better wild and I have no clue how to care for them properly, but I love reptiles.
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ArtOfTheFox's avatar
ArtOfTheFox|Hobbyist General Artist
Cute stamp! I agree with you completely, it's so important to learn how to properly care for reptiles. I look forward to the day when I can get lizards of my own! Heart 
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Lukia26's avatar
Lukia26|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I completely agree, thank you for making this stamp! ^.^
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Razzmatazkitty's avatar
Razzmatazkitty|Hobbyist General Artist
great stamp! =)
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RedEarthStables's avatar
When i first discovered this species (by finding one of your videos actually :worship: ), i did MONTHS of research before i bought one, and i continue to lurk and ask questions and study, study, study. :) To date my little ones are healthy and happy! :dance:
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DesertdustSariah's avatar
i agree with you and thanks for the tips!i was thinking of getting a lizard one day but i don't think i'm prepared for it.I love them how they are: living their lives in the wilderness.nice stamp by the way ^^
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talziedash's avatar
talziedash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with everything you've said. :clap: Love this stamp!
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Lizardspirit's avatar
Lizardspirit|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this stamp and I agree %100 percent. A reptile is not a pet you can impulse buy. They require allot of research and constant monitoring to make sure they are healthy and happy. Because of this they require allot of work and money, so research is key to owning them. Ive had my bearded dragon for 2 years now and I still do research to make sure the ways I'm caring for him is still up to date :)
I'm going to be purchasing some crested geckos soon and Ive been preparing for months now with research trying to make sure everything is perfect before I bring them home :)
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syclopskitten's avatar
syclopskitten|Student Filmographer
Do lizzards/geckos smile because their happy or is it the shape of their mouths?
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CatharsisJB's avatar
Mouth shape. They're only happy when they're pooping on you ;)
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syclopskitten's avatar
syclopskitten|Student Filmographer
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Amen. I found several sources that were pro baby food too.
Das baby food ist nicht gut for lizardos!

Do your research! Take notes!
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lonestarstories's avatar
I just LOVE your stamp, I HAVE to put this on my home! I love lizards & frogs, my friends are always making fun of me because of it, I even have my own happy frog MSN emoticon... and now I find the PERFECT STAMP made by you!

THANK YOU and congrats! ^___^
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LittleSocket's avatar
My goodness I'm using this. I have a Veiled (Yemen) Chameleon just under two years old and he's just the sweetest thing.

I researched for quite some time before I bought him. Travelled to the same pet store and handled him on multiple occasions before I made a final decision- and it is one of the best I've made!

A lot of the time the chameleon care sheets explain that they are a solitary animal, don't enjoy being handled and what you mentioned about look-don't-touch. That is untrue in my case. Arthur (his name) is the kindest most affectionate pet I think I have ever owned.

When I open his cage he comes over to me, sits on my family's shoulders while we make our way around the house- VERY rarely hisses or lunges though he has grouchy days like any other living creature.

Just last night I was lying on my bed watching him crawl around when he suddenly turned, climbed up my shoulder, dug through my hair like a tunnel and nuzzled into my neck. Though I understand he enjoys our body heat- it's still too adorable when he clutches to us. I love it when my lizard is happy~ :heart: and it's good to see other people are keeping theirs happy as well :)
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princedirk's avatar
princedirk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything you said was remarkable. <3 I thank you.
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MarkyVigoroth's avatar
Me, when I first read this, I decided that I should not get a reptile, at least until I am ready for such. I know that he purpose of this stamp IS NOT to discourage people from getting reptiles as pets, but to put in perspective the responsibilities in taking care of thereof. I just think that (even though I am mostly very responsible) I should wait some more before actually really considering getting a reptile. After all, reptiles need plenty more care, and I do not want my ignorance/incompetence to get in the way of the well-being of my pets (even though I do not have one).
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CatharsisJB's avatar
Doing a bunch of research and using multiple multiple sources is the best way to prepare yourself for any new animal :) I wish you luck and thank you for planning ahead!
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MarkyVigoroth's avatar
I do such already, and I am planning pets for the time when I leave home (which is still rather far off...)!
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dragonicwolf's avatar
dragonicwolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I support your stand, although I am indirectly guilty.

I was given an iguana for my birthday when I was twelve, and I had no idea I was going to get him. My parents apparently thought It was a good idea getting me this cute little iguana at the shop, since I love reptiles so much.

It was very difficult at first because I had done no research in advance , i had no idea, and had my terrarium set up wrongly and he ended up getting very aggressive when in his cage and some other problems with aggression.

After 5 years now, I still have him. He is still aggressive when he is in his 'territory', and he head bobs. However he never bit me before. He is just fine when I take him from the room and give him a warm bath and some fruit. I just give a word of caution to visitors. He free roams the room, usually sleeps on the couch at night, which I find very cute. Even from my bedroom he finds his way back to the living room in which he resides.

Didnt intend this to become a story of my iggy >w>. ANW, I personally think that he is a reasonably happy lizard.
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MysticDuskaStudios's avatar
what's your iggy's name? :)
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MadMeeper's avatar
MadMeeper|Professional Filmographer
D'awww. Crested Geckos have to be my favorite geckos. :)

I have 4 Bearded Dragons, my oldest one (and the one I've had the longest) I got for free because she had a lip injury. Some older beardies went and hurt her. :< But she's all better now. You can't tell at first glance...but she does have a scar where the injury was, but you can only see it if you move her lip. Happy and healthy lizards FTW! :D
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KemicalStar's avatar
who wouldnt love any lizards. great stamp
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