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Taquito on my... *compares finger scars* ... right index finger.

I think I've mentioned before that I am incredibly clumsy. :(

Taquito is such a smiley little girl. I'm glad The One Known As Hickory chose her as "his" to come home with us. Not that he ever feeds her or cleans up her poop... he just sits and holds her on the couch, giggling like a little kid over how cute she is. That's OK, a few months back he wasn't thrilled about the idea of reptiles in the home, so this is a step up. He went out of the blue and said I could pick some out, I think because he'd realized what a cruddy year 2006 was for me.

Every time I see their little lizardy faces it does bring me a lot of joy, for numerous reasons.

More info on these guys is available here: [link]

Also people keep asking, so let me get this out here for all to read: I do not want people using my lizard images in their own published projects, whether it be for traced sketches you post up here, or a 3D rendering you turn in at school, or as a painting you've highly referenced one of my pictures from, or even for your own website.

My pictures are not meant to be used for your own personal gain. I appreciate those who ask first, but please understand that "no" means "no," and stop asking after you receive your answer.
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Too bad *most* reptile species are not permitted to be kept in my Country of residence as pets.