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poor kiwi :(
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i cry every time i watch the video :(
kiwis are so cute...i just wanna hug them D:
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kiwi! so cute >w<
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Like ivy the kiwi.
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bloon tower defense
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awww sadness!!!! kiwi!!
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kiwis are endangerd here in wonder...THEY CANT FLY AWAY FROM DOGS! poor kiwi great pic
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awwww bless him. If only he could fly
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wow, this really makes me feel sad
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hey there, nice drawing! :)

Just saw a vid by Madyeti on youtube about a kiwi and so i googled after it (didn't know these birds even exist)


Kinda sad :(
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Hi =)
Yep, that's a great vid, but very sad too =(
Kiwis are really exotic animals, I wish I could see one of them live xD They're so cute =)
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I wanna buy one :)
Kiwi as a pet :D
But I have 4 cats... :(
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That would be mean, poor kiwi xD
I'd love to have a kiwi too :aww: , but I also have a cat :(
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Aww.. he wants to fly D:
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KIWI!! *___*
-ama kiwis-
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Awwwwwwn! :3 Que bonitinho! X3 *aperta*
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ta super expressivo e muito bonito tb!

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Kiwi? o da animação! legal ^^
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mas q animação eh essa? se vc tiver, me passa o link? ^^
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