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FIGHT - gift coloring

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Published: July 17, 2007
© 2007 - 2020 Catgoyle
This is the version of FIGHT! that I colored for Catboy-Trades with his permission. Really had fun exploring the marker paper I did this on. I printed a copy of this from his dA post and had Kinko's print the design right onto the marker paper, and it bonded fabulously to it! I'm so thrilled! Now I can get my designs tight and print fabulous copies right on the marker paper... centered where I want them! (bounces!) Oh yes, I am THRILLED!

Catboy, I hope you enjoy this!

Edit: Had to reupload it; first one showed only the top half of the image!
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....crap you gave me an idea for a request i nearly finished
il do it anyway
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...uh... you're welcome? I'm sorry? Not sure which fits better. (smiles, hugs)

On this image, I only did the coloring. Catboy-Trades did the line art. And we hammered out over breakfast one Sunday what colors he wanted where.

You'll tell me when you post this new idea I've inspired you with? Being a rather curious sort, I'm now itching to know...
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i will
dont worry i wont be ripping this pic off i was requeste dunder my normal account ( :iconbluekatt:)
to draw a fightscene which i did and its half finished
this picture gave me a batter idea
of one of them squatting down on his hunches his weapon poied while the camera looks at his back and tilts up to see his flying opponent closing in for the attack
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I look forward to seeing it!
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...wel it turned out differnt then i expected it too
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Different in what way?
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well there are still wings [link]
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(smiles) You've gotten a lot of positive comments on this one. I'm so glad my collaboration helped inspire this!
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(grins) So there are...
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tboltHobbyist Artist
What more can I add that hasn't already been said?

The wing texture is awesome, I love how you did the sky, the color variations look like actual light cloud cover! =^^=

The lines in the hair and fur show your constant attention to detail, great coloring! :D
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(smiles) I didn't do the line art, only the coloring. Catboy-Trades did the line art. I'm glad you enjoyed the collaboration, though!
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tboltHobbyist Artist
You worked well together! =^^=
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(snugs, blushing!) Thank you!
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Excellent coloring work! :D
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(snugs!) Thank you very much!
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humanofpreyHobbyist Digital Artist
I particularly love the colors!!
Nice coloring work :thumbsup:
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(grins) The colors were chosen by Catboy-Trades; we sat down over a meal this past Sunday and hammered out what colors belonged to each. He was very kind and patient with my continued questions over this and that until I had everything nailed down nicely!

The actual work of coloring I can take full credit for, and thank you most kindly for your comment!
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Catboy-TradesHobbyist Traditional Artist
* hugs* this came out very well ^_^
Thank you for the wonderful job!
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(hugs!) I'm glad you like the end result!
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SRSobotkaHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic, Kitten! :D Thanks for sharing... glad to see that new paper is working out for you! :hug:

-- Stephen
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(snugs, purrs!) I'm very glad of that too!
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Great work with the colourin' :)
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SnowfyreHobbyist General Artist
So cool :) Great work. Love the colouring, it's real neat.
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