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Shiori Gaiden: Chapter 48
Grappling her way through the dark passage, Ami was thankful for the time she had devoted to committing Kanzo’s old sewer maps to memory. At the time, his demotion to “Underground Infrastructure Manager” had been an insulting demotion. Even so, he had thrown his energy into understanding Amegakure’s underground maze, altering official maps and turning the sewers and their hiding places into a weapon for the Resistance. And though her old friend had peacefully passed some four years before entrusting her both his resources and responsibilities, his gift still helped them out in a pinch. Still, the less familiar route s
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Shiori Gaiden: Chapter 47
Fifteen Years Later. Ami sneezed, coughed, then sneezed again. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. Squeezing her lids shut, she tried in vain to protect her eyes from the stinging white dust that engulfed her. She had to get out of here. Grappling through the plume, she somehow managed to find a window. Wedging her fingers painfully under the splintered wood, she threw open the pane with all her might and plunged her head into the cool, wet air to expel the particles from her lungs through a series of loud coughs. Once finished, she glanced back into the room behind her. The chalkboard erasers remained on the floor where
55. Gift
Shiori relished extravagant birthdays. As a child, her father spoiled her each year with banquets, parties, gowns, jewelry, and exotic treasures. However, this year she curbed her expectations. Though she and Hanzo had been married for eight months, she questioned if he remembered her birth date. And even if he did, he was likely too frugal to endorse her usual celebration. While his conservative spending habits were good news for the country, they were an obituary for her wardrobe. Further complicating matters was their location. The past three weeks, Hanzo had toted her along with him on the road, visiting allies and inspecting remote out
Shiori Gaiden: Chapter 46
When night came, a group of monks appeared to light the lanterns lining the shady temple steps. Visitors from near and far ventured each autumn season to enjoy the twilight scene, but this evening its beauty was lost upon Kyo. His eyes were drawn not towards the warm, inviting orbs, but instead to the ominous, alien glow hovering above his city. In the growing dark, Kyo suddenly became aware of the countless dead in the graveyard behind him. He shivered. Silently, Ami wrapped a comforting arm around his shoulders. He wasn't cold, but he was grateful for the support. A loud flapping sound caught his attention. Though difficult to spot in t
23. Antique
“AW, COME HERE BABY,” cried a voice just before Shiori found herself pulled from her locker into the embrace of her upperclassman friend, Meroko. “Don’t feel bad, sweetie. Your brother just had an unfair advantage since he’s been here longer.” “And is captain of the soccer team.” “And is captain of the soccer team,” she nodded sadly. “But the results were so close.” The race for student body president had been close. Sickeningly close. She’d lost by only fifteen votes. Somehow that made her defeat all the worse. If only she’d joined a sports team. If only
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