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:iconcatgirl140:catgirl140 posted a status
Phil Spencer: BLiNX is for crazy people.
Me: Pfft, us BLiNX fans aren't crazy.
PartnerInTime: *literally types up the entire BLiNX 2 script*
Me: Blinx FUK…

Devious Comments

Yay, I helped :dummy:  Didn't expect my name to pop up in there.  I only typed this after seeing the first mention of my channel - damn, this actually helped out a lot :u

I can confirm that there are differences in the Tom Tom levels between easy and normal, though.  More guard cats in certain places.  Actually caught me really off guard for my stealth-only playthrough, since I accidentally practised on easy and then did the actual run on normal.  I was really confused about a cat being there that wasn't before.

As for that compilation of audio clips, I won't make any promises.  I'd like to, but I have a fuckload of things eating up my time right now, other BLiNX-related work included, so it probably wouldn't happen if I wanted it to.  I'll try to keep it in the back of my mind in case I get some stuff done more quickly than expected, though.  What I can easily do right now, though, is put up a download for all of the game's audio.  I still have the rips sitting around, both the audio tracks (with and without dialogue) for the pre-rendered cutscenes and the individual clips as well.

Seriously, though, what's with how dedicated we all are?  Everyone into BLiNX seems to put so many hours into its online presence.
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