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:iconcatgirl140:catgirl140 posted a status
The pain with Blinx images is that they don't get reposted across the internet. So if the original source is deleted, you can't trace it via cached pages or reposts. That was the deal with, which I wouldn't have found without Wayback Machine.

I lost the original file I use for the fansite's banner so I had to get its path by digging through the Inspect Element files. Here it is:… It originated from "" which was the official US site for Blinx if I'm correct. I can't find any other files of it.

Ignore this post if it confused you. I'm just a frustrated BLiNX fan.

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TimeSweepingSpartan Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
Lold frustrated.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
Didn't Kimmorz use that image or something similar on the old Time Factory forums?  I always remembered that forum's banner being something I hadn't areally seen anywhere else.

Pretty sure that's an official site, though.  The (official) BLiNX WMP skin links to it (and yes, I still use that).

That's why I now save every single BLiNX image I get my hands on, though.  Too good to lose.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, Kimmorz used this image as the banner.

While searching for "" in Wayback Machine, this was the page I got under a different URL before it was deleted:… None of the original images are there though, only screenshots. It amuses me that only one cached version ever works with these dead sites (like Gpara).

Welp, I saved as many BLiNX images as I can, but they can't be saved from a infected hard drive. ;w; Now I regularly back up and post them on the fansite.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
I'm pretty sure "" just redirected to that page.  I'm kinda bummed that the trailers aren't on there any more - I'm really curious about what that first one was.

I have all my own BLiNX stuff backed up right now, too.  Good to have these in multiple places, especially online so people can make their own copies of it.
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