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:iconcatgirl140:catgirl140 posted a status
I really want to know what the Japanese in this concept art means:…

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Ugh, puny kanji.

The one on the bottom right says "mechanic" (big enough to read the katakana), but I'll have to try to decipher the others by trial and error.   I think I managed to translate one or two of those a long time ago, but I didn't go any further because it was just expected military terminology or something.  I'll let you know if I find the others out.

Alright, top left is Major (少佐).  That was frustratingly difficult to figure out by looking up lots of similar kanji, but I'll try the rest, too.  Second says 突撃兵, something like "assault soldier" (parentheses are 基本型, which just means "basic type").  Third seems like 戰車兵, or "tank soldier" (literally "war vehicle soldier," and no combination of those symbols brings anything up in a dictionary, but the first two together bring up tanks (including World of Tanks, amusingly) on Google and the third just means "soldier").  Bottom centre (軍医) is, predictably, just "military medic" (or "military physician," "military surgeon," what have you).

Well, that's all of them.  Most of the writing on the Tom Tom equivalent of that image is the same, too, although I noticed one or two words being different for some reason.

I'm more interested in the writing on the concept art for things like the TS-5000X and the devices the cats wear on their wrists, but even if I could read well, the writing's so small that it's virtually impossible to make out.
...oh, wow, there's actually a limit to how many times you can edit a comment.  Why?

The Japanese next to "CEO" says "boss" in transliterated English, if you were wondering.  "Mechanic" is also written in English using Japanese characters.  Small correction you're probably not concerned with, too: the tank soldier is labelled 戦車兵, not 戰車兵 (got the first character wrong), which does in fact mean "tank soldier" exactly.

We've surely mentioned this before, too, but it looks like NecoJi's design was based off of the Major.  There might not be any significance to that, though, since it looks like they got rid of the military/war concept really early in development.  They could've just reused the design they same way they reused the name Pelon.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for translating everything! ;w; I really wanted to know as I really like these character designs (read: I'm drawing them rn).

So it's Major, Assault soldier, Tank soldier, CEO (boss), Military medic and Mechanic. I don't remember us talking about NecoJi having a similar design to the Major but yeah, there's a lot of similarities. Like a female version but not as friendly looking. (is tempted to make NecoJi and the Major related)

The recent concept sketch that Ohshima posted recently has strong military vibes too, as does the rest of the concept art. The initial plot probably would have focused a lot of war and weaponary rather than retriving the Big Crystal fragments. Blinx 2 did recieve criticisms for the additions of violence to its predecessor so its likely the reception would have been more negative if they went down the military path.

Dang, limits are the worst sometimes. :(
I'd probably take NecoJi's design to imply that the Major and other such concepts (especially the tank soldier, since the cats don't have tanks - side note, I wonder if a cat can use a tank in Vs. Mode; I'm sure they'd be capable, canonically, given all the other vehicles they can operate, but it'd be pretty amusing in any case) were scrapped.  We've picked up on military vibes among the Sweepers in the past, but nothing quite to that extent.  As much as I can appreciate the slightly grittier BLiNX universe (we've discussed the implications of retries and the Winterfield before, and I also realized yesterday that the Tom Toms surely fried a few cats when they set the Time Oil Well World ablaze as they left), my primary interest was always seeing what normal life at the Time Factory is and learning about how it works, supplying time to worlds and all that.  I think scrapping the war concept let it serve that purpose a bit better.  Making the Tom Toms an organized military force would've been a bit uncharacteristic for a "gang," too, so I think the "street gang brutes" idea they were able to go with once they shifted away from war helped characterize the Tom Toms, as well.

Okay, tangentially related grim thing that never came to mind before: I was always confused as to why the Sweepers would have the option not to use a retry.  I still don't really get why you wouldn't from a gameplay perspective, and I doubt the devs were considering it from any other perspective, but the Time Oil Well World incident got me thinking: what if a retry doesn't go back far enough to avoid whatever incapacitated the user?  If some of the cats present when the tank blew up had time controls, they wouldn't necessarily have time to get out even with a retry.  The ultimate result would be dying multiple times, helpless, before actually being killed.  The option not to use one (though one must ask who's choosing whether or not to use it) would help avert that.  As an explanation for why there's no option not to use it in the first game, Blinx was probably determined enough not to consider not using a retry in any capacity (or maybe sweepers just worked differently back then).  Totally a headcanon explanation because I'm sure the devs' minds didn't go there, but an interesting implication.  On a related note, the time control neutralizer can probably prevent cats from using retries.  Frightening.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's certainly strange that Time Sweepers are given the choice whether to activate a retry crystal.

If that's the case, dead Time Sweepers would have to enter a limbo state between life and death where they can make the choice to activate the time crystal or not. Basically they transcend death for a short time and activate the crystal with their mind somehow... here the player would act as the Time Sweeper's subconscious.

It would make more sense that retry crystals activated automatically. As dead Time Sweepers are incapable of activating a retry, the crystal would have some special property or the sweeper itself detects it that its user is dead and the crystal is activated.

Can sweepers withstand lava though?

Anyways, I was reminded of an incident where I was playing co-op with my brother in the Time Oil Well World. Early in the second mission for the Time Sweepers, two areas are seperated by a stretch of lava and one moving pillar. My brother happened to die just above the lava at the same time the checkpoint occured. Long story short, we couldn't continue because my brother was in an endless loop of death he couldn't escape from. He would die instantly after the retry finished rewinding and once the retries ran out, it brought us back to the checkpoint to do it all over again. There's really not much you can do but accept your fate and die a horrible death, as the time sweepers in the Time Oil Well World would have had to face. Rest in peace.

Suddenly the Tom Toms become even more terrifying with the neutraliser.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Oh, small relevant detail I remembered earlier: you do (or at least can) encounter the ghosts of some pirates in the Graveyard of Ships, suggesting that spirits and the like are a thing and can interact with the world.  Guess that'd be a basis for postmortem use of retries.

There's also how those ghosts were apparently imprisoned in boxes indefinitely.  Fun.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
Yeah, Sweepers being fully incapacitated poses a big issue.  The cat, and the sweeper with it, get crushed - maybe a retry is automatically activated if the sweeper itself is damaged in a certain capacity.  The cat falls down a bottomless or otherwise-unsurvivable pit - maybe they can be activated manually, too.  But what happens if a cat is incapacitated in such a way that they just drop the sweeper on the ground?  What if they're shot through they head or they suffocate?  Maybe they could activate it manually in the latter case (training to pull that off doesn't sound fun), but there's nothing they could do in the former.  Given that we have fantasy technology at our disposal, by best guess is that a cat's sweeper is in some way linked to their body, perhaps monitoring the heart so it'll set off a retry if it stops beating or the brain so it'll set off a retry if they fall unconscious in an unexpected manner.  Given how the Sweepers are pretty serious business, I guess I could see something like that, even if it's a notable departure from known canon.None of this, though, explains being able to choose whether or not a retry is used without bringing in some kind of metaphysical element or something.  Perhaps it's easiest to explain as the mechanic in BLiNX 2 just being gameplay rather than something in-universe, like what the cat medals seem to be.

Yeah, though, even without their HQ, the Tom Toms are certainly pretty scary by the end of BLiNX 2.  Still capable of destroying worlds without concern, and now equipped with much more lethal force against the best the Time Factory has to offer.  Those guys are actually pretty legitimately frightening.
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