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:iconcatgirl140:catgirl140 posted a status
How old do you think Blinx and friends are? Given that NecoJi pops the question to Catherine, I'm not sure if he's a young adult or in his late teens.

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This question always seems like a pain in the ass in anything that doesn't have a human cast.  I'm sure a few years passed between the two games, I know that much.  Blinx himself also looked really damn young in the first game and only had a TS-1000.  Considering that he managed to clear out B1Q64 all on his own, I'm going to assume that he has a TS-1000 because he's starting out, not because he's just not good enough to warrant a more effective sweeper.  If we really want to put it into human years (I dislike making assumptions about their lifespans, especially when we're talking about a species that has domain over time), I'd say that a sweeper's probably not starting out any younger than 16, which could be Blinx's approximate age in the first game.  The second game is another tricky part, though, since we have o indication of how much time passed.  We don't know who's older or younger (Chron's weird, for example - he says that he's a rookie but is also a team leader, and certainly looks young, and unless Pelon's just a really femmy dude, he's probably not particularly old given his voice), and it feels kind of wrong to even assume that the named sweepers in the second game are even of similar ages.  I'd expect Green Hat to be older, for example, given his voice and some other certain ideas I've had about him having once been a sweeper (considering his TS-16000, a prestigious sweeper, but also the fact that he's only ever shown working on other things in the factory, like telling Blinx to stop being an idiot in both games with some level of authority, looking really proud in the first game's ending, and being the one to "fix" the Mother Computer in the second game's ending). the second game just comes down to guesswork, I guess.  For some reason, I think of NecoJi as around 20 because of his voice and whole deal with Catherine, but that still doesn't tell me anything about Blinx.  Unless he got a lot more mature not only in his looks (very possible) but also in his demeanour in just two or three years (reasonably possible, I guess, especially if he didn't have much experience by the first game) I'm thinking that he's probably 20 at the very least , giving him about five years of experience as a Sweeper.

You could also take an alternate route and look at the idea of seniority in Japanese culture and figure that Blinx is probably at least a bit older than the other named characters if he has some amount of authority over them (or that he's at least worked at the factory longer, which implies the same thing), but you could easily argue that he's an exception because of what he managed in B1Q64.  The Operator and unknown administrator (what I've taken to calling the black cat that appears alongside the Operator and CEO) would also seem to break that, since they seem pretty young despite having a pretty great deal of authority.  I'm assuming that the unknown administrator has a similar level of authority to the CEO and Operator since he appears alongside them, of course.  Given the only line he has, though, I'm guessing that he watches over what's happening in the factory, whereas the Operator does communication with Sweepers and keeps an eye on the field for things that the others in the control room can't handle on their own.

Then we have the issue of Furball, whose voice we get to hear, but I'm not sure when he joined since it doesn't seem immediately obvious whether you're joining the Sweepers immediately before the Tom Tom invasion.  Bombay seems even more problematic, since we really have nothing but voice to go off of for any of the pigs.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
Ugh, can't edit this anymore, so an amendment to what I said about Furball - his ever-so-iconic line "Roger.  I'm on it.  Here we go again," implies that he's done this stuff before.  He couldn't have been around for long, though, given that his team has nothing but TS-2000s.
Jonatan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I think they're 18-20. My OC Black Jack is in his 30s so he's already a veteran when they came about.
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