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:iconcatgirl140:catgirl140 posted a status
SERIOUS QUESTIONS: who has the softest fur? And who likes touching it the most?

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FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
See, I like Blinx, but there's no way his fur has remained plush after everything he's been through.  He's too "gritty."

NecoJi would have some reason to groom himself (Catherine), but it's no guarantee.  I'm guessing Chron.

...who the hell even talks with Chron, again?
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If it was Chron, my headcanon says Blinx. But I don't Blinx is the type to do that.

My call is either Catherine or Jimmy. I'm leaning towards Jimmy because of his fabulous hair. And who likes touching it?


Nobody is allowed to touch the floof.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016
I kind of get the impression that Chron's the "kid."  I've wondered if Blinx himself was something of a sweeping prodigy (would make sense, given how he seemed rather young in the first game but managed to be pretty awe-inspiringly capable among sweepers regardless), but I can only imagine that Chron would fill a similar role if he's young (again, just kind of assuming he is, since it matches his looks/voice and gives him something unique), given that he seems to be the captain of a team.  Reminds me, didn't most of the sweepers name their teams after their leaders?  Seems kind of odd.

Anyways, Chron would probably be picked on a bit (mostly playfully, I'd like to imagine) for it, I guess.  Wouldn't be renowned, but notable for his role.  I just imagine him having fluff because of being young.

I have a feeling Catherine would happily touch Jimmy's hair, though, assuming the whole sibling thing.  Maybe NecoJi would even get familial privileges of doing it, too.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, NecoJi probably has the softest fur. The way his fur is textured makes it look really fluffy. 
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2016
I think it's that the tufts of fur on the side of his face go out a bit further than everybody else's.  Makes it look a bit longer.

...y'know, I never noticed the tears in Pelon's jacket.  For some reason, I just never really paid any attention to Pelon or Picaro.  I remember his voice really well, though (not exactly masculine), somehow.  Having looked at the game's opening, actually, I don't think he has the tears in his jacket prior to his transmission from whatever world it was.  He's one of the sweepers (along with Chron and Picaro) that Blinx helps out with that slow, I think.

I'm also really curious about some of the choices of sweeper these guys make (TS-2000 Star is really popular and Chron has some kind of flame sweeper, which I'm assuming is the BLiNX 2 version that doesn't actually do any damage).  That's a matter for another time, but it also makes me think I should be compiling some profiles for these guys to get all this stuff straight. Wiki would probably be a good place for that.  Wikia also notably claims that Pelon is female, which I have mixed feelings about.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm surprised you never noticed the tears, that's the one unique feature to Pelon's design. At his first appearance, yeah, no tears.
You could say he got them during the invasion but I can't tell if it's torn or just dirty. His jacket had them in the first transmission, and his team happened to be under attack from time monsters (there's even an explosion in the background while he's talking). He may have got them from a clawed time sweeper who took a swipe at him, which makes more sense really.

The developers seemed to have put in the effort to make them standout from the rest of the time sweepers. Now that I think about it, they all look a little different, dirty, roughed up after the invasion.

:bulletblue:Blinx, being special, has a lot of colours going on. During the invasion, his clothes gets the most torn and dirty. Oh, and the scar.
:bulletpurple:Picaro is the only one with bicolour fur, black and grey. Tail is white with a black patch. His overall colour scheme is pretty dark. In the first transmission, there's this really dark patch on his right side which is either dirt or it somehow got burnt.
:bulletgreen:NecoJi is probably the most unique apart from Blinx. He has a hat that looks like a beret and wears his goggles around his collar. His ears are pointed to his right. I didn't know until now but his tail is all light grey, not white tipped like I've been drawing this whole time. He looks surprisingly clean in the first transmission and doesn't have any tears in his clothes, even though he was on the front lines.
:bulletorange:Chron has those folded ears and droopy eyes. His tail is all yellow. Nothing else besides that dirt patch near his mouth.
:bulletyellow:Already talked about Pelon. On the gender thing, I think it's still debatable. I want to find out who his voice actor was. It would be quite interesting if a man voiced him.
:bulletpink:Catherine, not seen at the invasion (what would she do at a time so chaotic I wonder) but her design is super feminine. If Catherine is the definition of the female body, then Pelon is far from it.

Though there are a bunch of lookalikes in the opening so maybe they're not so unique as we think.

Hopefully the dirt is cleaned off after everything blows over. And maybe Blinx decided to put some antiseptic on his scar.

I should really study the opening more and draw some screenshots. I always seem to notice something new every time. Like the way NecoJi jumps into portals.

I also just realised that the transmission for time sweepers and tom toms require some sort of device that can record from the torso up and work like walkie talkies. Time Sweepers have a little wrist device they can speak into but from the looks of it, no camera with how close they put it to their face. Tom Toms aren't shown with any device but they can hear Ugo, Cino and other tom toms without trouble. As far as I'm aware, there's no real way the transmissions can be sent out.

The most popular time sweepers seem to be the TS-2000 STAR (or TS-4000 in Blinx2) that Picaro and Pelon have, the silver TS-16000 which NecoJi has and the basic TS-1000. Jimmy sells so many models yet most sweepers get those three. 
Hey, small correction (I think one of us got confused and it confused the other): the blue star sweeper is called the TS-4000 in both games.  I was pretty bloody frustrated by the supposed name change from TS-2000 Star to TS-4000 from BLiNX 1 to 2 (along with a new line replacing the TS-2000 in the second game), but it turns out it was always the TS-4000.  Seems like a good thing to clear up.

They still did something similar between the two games, though: the TS-2000 line got a bit of a revamp, going from all elemental sweepers to the new entry-level sweepers.  Not directly contradictory, but the two incarnations of the line seem pretty distinct from each other.  There's also the TS-16000-S in BLiNX 1 and the TS-16000S in BLiNX 2, both of which have nearly the exact same name but definitely aren't the same thing.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2016
Yeah, I just never found much reason to be interested in the sweepers that weren't NecoJi, for some reason.  I kinda want to get into knowing more about them now, though.  I actually intend to start playing BLiNX 2 a bit again in the near future, so maybe I'll get the chance to pick up on things.  I also just now noticed that NecoJi pretty much has a literal green beret, though that's not really something I take as intentional (I don't think of it as a beret).  I'm also amused by your colour-coded bullets.

As for Pelon's VA, it's really common for male characters to be voiced by females, so I wouldn't make anything of him having a female VA.  I'd assume he does, though.  I'll stick with male unless some strange groundbreaking evidence comes out of the depths of the game that we somehow have never seen (I'm thinking beyond the level of that strange "Bromide" image of Catherine, whose name still confuses me, since I can only interpret it as insulting her in a way that doesn't really make sense).

Damn it, though, with all my liking of NecoJi, I want to see him jump into a portal now.  I have other things to be doing, though :u

I don't have much to offer along the lines of a device that the sweepers and Tom Toms use (yet), but I do recall that the operators somehow have visuals of the worlds they oversee.  I'm thinking that they might have some strange technology that allows for seeing somewhere in a world without a normal camera or anything of the sort.  Could be related to how they basically have teleportation between worlds, with how a portal in the factory can lead to a specific location in another world.  The wrist devices could just be a precaution in case that somehow screws up.  Somehow sounds both far-fetched and reasonable at the same time.

Wait, is the TS-2000 Star called the TS-4000 in BLiNX 2?  That would explain why I always catch myself calling it the TS-4000 by accident.  Damn it, factory, keep your sweeper lines consistent.  I basically imagine now, though, that the TS-2000 series was a huge deal around the time of BLiNX 1 (there are way more TS-2000 series sweepers in that game than can ever be justified) and fell out of style by the second game, since we only see one sweeper from the line.

Okay, edit for two corrects: no, NecoJi's hat isn't green (I'm kind of embarrassed to have said that), and I guess there's something of a contradiction between the whole "omniscient operators" thing and the Tom Toms managing to be stealthy.  Maybe they just block the signal for the whole world whenever they go anywhere.  It would really require some deeper thinking, I feel.
Jonatan Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I haz the softest fur and I love fuzzing it. :meow:
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't argue with that. sans is very excited to see you 
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