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Do Tom Toms even have tails?? If they did, there's no hole in their pants for them, you can't see them.

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have tails to begin with, and the only thing piggy about them is their head and their appetite.

and I just finished a piece and I'm not happy with it at all, no post today

Blinx FUK 
and Home page so check it out
LesTheTimeSweeper messaged me something I haven't thought of. 

The Time Goddesses are based off the Fates (or Moirai) in Greek Mythology, three sister deities, incarnations of destiny and life. They controlled the fates of both mortals and gods alike. They are also known as the rules of the past, present and future.

Clotho ("the spinner") spins the threads of life, Lachesis (“the apportioner”) measures the thread and determines how long one lives and Atropos (“the inevitable”) chooses how and when someone dies by cutting the thread of life with her shears. They were often described as ugly old women, but of course, the Time Goddesses are much of the opposite.

The Romans named them Nona, Decuma, and Morta.

As someone who doesn't know any Greek Mythology, I would have never made this specific connection. If you already knew this, well why the fuck didn't you tell me before lmao.
Anyone else? Blinx TRIGGERED 
I've always thought the number of teeth Blinx has was weird

but then I looked up how many teeth domestic cats have and they have 26 baby teeth and 30 adult teeth. Blinx easily has at least 24.

Honestly what makes his smile as unsettling as it does is how perfectly straight they all are. Blinx FUK 

Pigs have 28 baby teeth and as much as 44 teeth as adults. Anyone call for a dentist?
also today is Valentine's Day
and Ash Wednesday
and Chinese New Years's Eve

After posting this beauty  yes ladies, he's single by catgirl140
I immediately imagined a Tom Tom commercial for shampoo or some other hair product.

Wouldn't it be funny that as Benito is laughing during the Tom Tom Broadcast, you can hear the news presenter say "Up next, find out the best Tom Tom shampoos to get the silky hair you always wanted."
I've asked this already in Blinx Corps but where is the idea that "the Time Factory is located outside of time" even sourced from? I want official sources and Wikipedia isn't one.

because I've been using my current one for years now and I can't imagine using anything else at this point.

edit: I need to draw a new DeviantID. It's outdated and four years old.

So, you’re all probably familiar with MOTAS VS. Mode, in where Time Sweepers can use Tom Tom Weapons. I haven’t written anything on this yet so it’s a good time as any, especially since you all know I’m quite interested in how VS. Mode works.

I believe the developers gave the Time Sweepers this ability so that weapons can be treated as pickups. Another reason could be to make up for the player (playing as a Time Sweeper) not having any trash when the round starts, though the rest of your teammates have infinite trash. Or, it’s too give the Time Sweepers some weapon variety, even if it’s just in VS mode.

My thought is that it is a bit unnecessary for the Time Sweepers to be given this ability. It probably makes VS. Mode unbalanced when you give the Time Sweepers a greater arsenal. The weapons could be restricted to Tom Toms use only, much like trash for Time Sweepers.

Time Sweepers with their sweepers aren’t at a disadvantage against the Tom Toms either. Any person playing as the Time Sweepers (who knows what they’re doing) can win against a person playing as the Tom Toms without using Tom Tom weapons, so long as they utilise time controls.

If I have enough cash after a round, I might buy a teammate one of the stronger weapons like a BAZ-006 because they’ll consistently inflict more damage than with a sweeper with regular trash. Most of the time I don’t bother.

From another perspective, Time Sweepers being proficient with Tom Tom Weapons implies they are trained by the Time Factory. Guard Sweepers are trained to wield a PiG-38, TON16A and other weapons (with deadly accuracy I might add) so this training could be extended to Time Sweepers as well. It would certainly give Time Sweepers more options when faced with a situation.

It’s probably not impossible for a Time Sweeper to use space controls as well. Let’s say a Time Sweepers takes out a Tom Tom. The Time Sweeper then chooses to loot the Tom Tom of his guns and space controls. The space controls are conveniently stored in a bag which removes some of the hassles of stealing it. Now if the Time Sweepers uses the space controls, it’s a matter of opening the can then throwing the space control at the desired location.

The lids of the space control cans in Carlos’ shop have serrated edges, suggesting the cans are opened using a sharp object, maybe a knife. How a Time Sweeper would open the cans, I don’t know (claws?), which may prevent Time Sweepers from even using them. Let’s pretend a Time Sweeper can open a space control with ease, then they can use the space control like any Tom Tom would.

Likewise, a Tom Tom could technically use a sweeper. Sweepers aren’t treated like pickups so obviously Tom Toms can’t use them in VS. Mode. But ignoring that, a Tom Tom could figure out how to use a sweeper. There are only two important buttons: one to sweep and shoot, the other to use time controls. A Tom Tom wouldn’t necessarily need the training to wield it, but they’ll have some difficulty with the recoil. You may know of the coastal fight concept art that Oshima posted on his Twitter last year, the most interesting detail is a Tom Tom holding a square-shaped sweeper.

Side note: I think I see another Tom Tom in the far distance holding a sweeper too.

A Tom Tom could acquire a sweeper by taking down a Time Sweeper and stealing their sweeper. The Tom Tom will probably not use the sweeper as it doesn’t fit the stealthy tactics of the Tom Toms but if a situation called for it, perhaps. At the very least, a Tom Tom activating Time Controls from a sweeper would be useful, though they’re already halfway there with PAUSE grenades.

In the end, having to fight military cats who can use your own weapons against you isn’t going to be a good time (though the G300 Ray and the Time Control Neutraliser are the exceptions, they’re stolen after all). 

Just wanted to post a quick journal thanking you guys for supporting me in 2017.

I had originally planned to write a lengthy reflection on the past year but things don't always go the way I want. i.e. my ineptitude at general writing. In short, though, learning more about BLiNX, expanding to other social platforms and meeting so many other Blinx fans was a wild ride and kinda draining but I'm glad nonetheless. Some moments were good, some were bad, but that's what makes this year special I think.

I'm looking forward to another year of BLiNX with all of you here on DeviantArt (Twitter and Discord can't replace DA in the slightest)!

so very bored

Blinx FUK 
And Happy Holidays!

The Time Sweepers have Christmas outfits so it's easy to imagine Christmas celebrations in the Time Factory.

But there are no Christmas outfits for the Tom Toms. They probably do celebrate Christmas, cause it would be weirder if they didn't. My first thought is that Benito expects a crap ton of gifts and all the Tom Toms are scrambling to get gifts for him.
Blinx: The Time Sweeper
Apparently, Naoto Oshima himself voiced all the characters (though Lena is likely voiced by someone else).

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
Brett Abramson
Quinton Flynn (speculated to be Blinx)
Nika Futterman (The only female voice actor. Therefore Mina, Time Goddesses and Pelon.)
Roger L. Jackson (CEO?)
Dustin James
Phil LaMarr
Bruce Lanoil (One of the Tom Toms?)
Bob Papenbrook (Benito, voice clips sound very similar to him.)
Joe Paulino
Sam Riegel (Most definitely the Operator and the Third Admin.)
Steven Susskind
Me to Kimmorz: None of that diamond crap please.
Jimmy by catgirl140
Kimmorz drew a really good floof. Blinx BLUSHING
Deviation: Jimmy

I've haven't commissioned someone before until now but supporting Kimmorz is all the reason I need (mad respect yo).

Kimmorz really needs money to pay her past due bills. If you have some money to spare, she's doing $5 headshots like this one.…
I'm going to have to go back to using only journals, even for small unimportant posts. DeviantArt isn't kind enough to allow you to see past status posts in the past 12 months.

It's still possible to access them somehow because they all have their own unique link under "…" but I can't find them atm. At least I have the most important ones saved in a journal but I'm still incredibly frustrated.
MASTERLIST: Two BLiNX fans talk BLiNX (TBFTB)An archive of all the interesting discussions FinalSoraRiku and I get into. It's handy as a reference for BLiNX related endeavours and to look back on and amuse ourselves with. :V Note that the discussions can get way off topic and cover multiple things at once.
Woah, you can actually post status posts directly into journals. Blinx FUK 
2017 Status Posts
2016 Status Posts
What started the whole fucking mess that is Pelon's gender and Naoto Ohshima.

I mean, I could save every single status post but I'm not going the extra distance for an unreliable system.
An archive of all the interesting discussions FinalSoraRiku and I get into. It's handy as a reference for BLiNX related endeavours and to look back on and amuse ourselves with. :V Note that the discussions can get way off topic and cover multiple things at once.

Woah, you can actually post status posts directly into journals. Blinx FUK 

2017 Status Posts

2016 Status Posts

What started the whole fucking mess that is Pelon's gender and Naoto Ohshima.