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OPEN: Ask the TIME SWEEPERS! by catgirl140 OPEN: Ask the TIME SWEEPERS! by catgirl140
Yup, I'm starting a series dubbed Ask the TIME SWEEPERS! (initially I called it the BLiNX gang but...)

This art style is one I don't show you guys often so I'm exited to use it.

We have your favourites:
Blinx, cool and collected with a childish streak. 
Picaro, he's got an attitude and a little two-faced.
NecoJi, Catherine's husband and loved for his friendly personality.
Pelon, he doesn't get things straight away so you may have to say it twice.
Chron, kid with no redeeming qualities. Young, shy and whiny.
Catherine, well-loved nurse and NecoJi's wife.
Jimmy, the shop keeper and Catherine's brother. Loves inventing shit.
"The Gate Keeper", that one cat in the green cap and childhood friend of Blinx.

And special guests:
"KoJi" who claims she's NecoJi's and Catherine's daughter from the future? It's not completely implausible...
Keiko, fan character and the stand in for the protagonist in Blinx 2. 

Ask your questions here! Or at least on my page so I can see it. Please state who you ask asking specifically.

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JosephKotioTheCat Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Picaro: What is Your Favorite Place to go to?
Jonatan Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Catherine: Since you're realy the only known female aside from Pelon, did you ever experience all the millions of male cats swarming over you asking you out and how did you feel about it? Do you still feel you're being eyed when outside?

Necoji: How do you feel about all the guys eyeing your wife? C'mon, don't pretend they're not.. :P

silvermaxus253 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Student General Artist
Blinx: Didn't that scratch on your cheek heal at the end of Blinx 2?
BlinxDaTimeSweeper Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blinx, Picaro, You two gonna fuck or what? The sexual stress between you two is giving everyone here high blood pressure  boys. 
silvermaxus253 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Student General Artist
Blinx: How would you react if you got into a Super Smash Brothers game?
Noxivaga Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist

Picaro, Blinx! Any inside jokes? 
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
I'm really thinking that the most interesting part about this is that you actually have to come up with something along the lines of a personality for each  of these characters.  They don't really have much from the games :u

Seeing something like this pop up sounds incredibly fun, though.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One instance of their character is all I have to form some sort of personality with them. And headcanons. All the headcanons. Blinx is the easiest I guess, since he's the main character.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Even with Blinx, though, there seems to be so little to work with.  He's practically a silent protagonist in BLiNX 1, and in BLiNX 2, he has about a minute of screentime and even then never really does anything that gives much insight.  All I can really think of is Blinx being a bit impulsive and having a thing for human girls.

Definitely doesn't mean this can't be fun, though, so I'm more than happy to be seeing the characters get attention :U  I still don't know why I always liked NecoJi so much, but everyone else can use love, too.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's like being given the first sentence of a story then having to roll with it.

Like it isn't even confirmed as far as I know that Catherine and Jimmy are siblings. They just have many similar physical features that they must have some sort of connection beside being the shopkeeper..........
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016
Heh, people somehow manage to come up with some rather elaborate ideas from that, so I guess the creativity's fun.  It gives all sorts of opportunities for people to ask on the blog about what we didn't see in the games, too.

Honestly, though, I never even gave any thought to the idea of them being siblings.  It doesn't really seem that apparent to me that they would be :u  I just think of them as two shopkeepers and never even considered how they might relate, know each other, or think of each other.

I need to do some thinking .-.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've always thought of them as blood related somehow. They both have white fur, blue eyes, and brown tipped ears. That's enough for me. Heck, it could be Rule 63. Jimmy is just Male!Catherine with blue for the added gender effect. 

Also makes me wonder why Artoon decided to replace Catherine with Jimmy in the first place. In Blinx 2 she's in a strong (not seen) relationship with NecoJi and in the medical field (only seen in the concept art). Jimmy comes along and takes over as shopkeeper. I wonder what led to that choice.

I'm actually writing a lengthy journal entry on Blinx 2 as a game itself, its characters and how it interacts with the protagonist which I will post in some time. 
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
The ability of people online to collectively decide that characters must be related due to their similarities in appearance amuses me, at least, so I guess I can't complain :U  I guess the part that made me never think about it was the difference I see in their personalities.

I'm guessing that including a male shopkeeper was just among the many changes they made alongside giving the Tom-Toms firearms and the like.  That awkward "look less kid-y while being upsettingly easy" thing that they did with the game after the issues BLiNX 1 had with the inverse.  It's fun to look at from an in-universe perspective, though, which makes me wonder a bit more about Catherine having particular ambitions with being a nurse and leaving the shop once that got worked out, being replaced by a (possibly younger) brother with other plans.  Gives you something to work with, I guess.

I guess I should do some mulling over the protagonist, too, now that you talk about it.  I never thought of them as a character despite the pre-recorded lines and whatnot.  I always thought of them as a pretty basic stand-in for whatever you came up with, but I suppose there's also some room.

Damn, now I kind of want to replay the game while pondering what the PC might actually be like in the midst of everything (which probably won't give me much to work with, but hey, reason to replay BLiNX 2 and a possibility of noticing new things).
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Catherine and Jimmy, from the things they say, do convey individual personalities. Jimmy ends up saying a whole lot more than Catherine through the tutorials and describing the shop items. He shows more facial expressions too.

Like you said, most of the changes are to create a in-universe perspective. It moved away from Blinx being a solo hero to a time sweeper working with other time sweepers: the Time Factory itself, other time sweepers and occupations like guards and retrievers etc. It doesn't explain a new shopkeeper though and I can only think they wanted someone who could go through the tutorials. Perhaps Catherine didn't fit into that role as well as a male shopkeeper. To explain her disappearance, they put in the concept art that she's in the med field.

When the protagonist and player are separated, you're left with a time sweeper among many others trying to save the universe. Unfortunately they aren't very special and they lack personality like everyone else so the player won't care about them too much. 

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MaxxyKraft Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
Blinx? When's the next game. X3
BlinxDaTimeSweeper Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blinx? Who do you have a man crush on? 
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