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LoL Concept Character by catgirl140 LoL Concept Character by catgirl140
WoA something that isn't BLiNX fanart. (but still related to Blinx somehow lol)

A friend showed me a League of Legends forum post featuring a concept character design drawn early in the process of drawing Ekko, a champion who has the ability to manipulate time. At the time the artists wanted an assassin with time manipulating powers.

Someone posted a comment that it reminded them of Blinx (hence why I shown this). There's just so many similarities to Blinx: feline features, time manipulation and the scythe reminds me of a pause crystal. So I had to draw them. :dummy:

Added a tail and the body proportions are closer to what I usually do. Annnnnnd I got lazy half way through and didn't bother with a proper colour scheme lol.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Hehe, I only know anything at all about LoL because of someone else I know, but they've been talking about Ekko a bit recently and I couldn't help but get reminded of Blinx when he started talking about the whole "use time wisely" thing in his trailer.  Interesting to see he wasn't originally so humanlike, though.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was told about Ekko by my brother. One of his favourite characters, especially because of the "Danny Phantom" skin, even though he hasn't watched a single episode of the show.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Oh, I guess that skin really is Phantom-esque.  I didn't really think of it that way when the other guy showed it do me.

Interesting that we manage to discuss something we only know about through other people telling us about it, though.
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