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Keiko the Time Sweeper by catgirl140 Keiko the Time Sweeper by catgirl140
I can't help but feel sorry for my own fan character: Despite barely drawing her, I change her design so frequently it's like she goes through character creation at least once a year.

I whipped up this up for a roleplay character profile. The jacket went through two designs before settling on this one. It's funny how I initially wanted her primary colours to be purple and white but now it's green and black. Ended up more polished than I intended and since I'm happy with it, I decided to post it here.

Drawing this made me think of BLiNX character designs in general. The character creation set the standards for BLiNX fan characters but if you want to create a character that fits with the canon Time Sweeper designs - black metal, white gloves and shoes, natural fur colours and a 4-5 colour scheme is the way to go.

More on Keiko: Keiko is basically my version of "Furball", the time sweeper who was sent on those most important missions during the Big Crystal Incident. It's convenient to have a visual representation of the TS protagonist.
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October 8, 2017
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