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Fifth time this week by catgirl140 Fifth time this week by catgirl140
"Try rebooting."

Operator's been having "computer" problems lately.

Along with CEO and Operator, there's a third grey furred cat who is seen in both games, next to CEO and Operator at the end of Blinx 1 and in the opening of Blinx 2: "All attacks ineffective. We can't stop them! Enemy's at the computer core. Mother Computer offline!" And he's also smiling in the credit images next to CEO. His name and role is unknown but seems to be in the same level as CEO and Operator.

This shot was taken from the Blinx 2 opening when the alarm went off.

Operator's unimpressed face tho.
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Jonatan Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is what happened after they tried updating to Windows 10.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"That's it, I'm switching to Mac. CEO, call Jimmy, and tell him to bring the installation package."
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016
Black cat guy also appears next to the CEO in one o the credits images.  Thought this was based off of that, actually.  Most of the way to getting all those images saved, by the way.

Having shading on the computer and jackets but not their heads looks kind of odd, though, I have to admit.  Still, though, I don't think anybody's paid attention at all to the control room, so it's nice to see some relevant art.  Who knows how much stuff actually goes on in there.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
His smile in the credits is pretty charming I must say. Must be because he isn't showing the 4 dozen teeth that everyone seems to have.

Yup, shading the head is still something I'm trying to figure out. I still struggle to see it as three-dimensional like everything else because of the art style. This is usually okay with soft pressure brush shading but with basic grey overlay I have no fucking clue. I'll probably re upload the drawing with a bit more shading and other corrections this week.

I imagine the control room is like those cop shows whith a dozen of officers crowding around a moniter, just waiting for something bad to happen.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
Yeah, always thought that the CEO's teeth looked a little... off.

I do admit that I have a really hard time with hard shading, myself.  I switched over to exclusively soft shading a while back and I've been really happy with it.  Still need to know the shapes of things in 3D space, but that can work with the way you draw the cats' heads.  I can imagine how the shadows should fall on the different bits like the ears, mouth, bridge of the nose, etc. on this very image, so it's definitely possible.

I'd imagine everybody just hopes something happens at some point to avoid boredom, but nobody wants to admit it because that would be saying you want something dangerous to happen to someone for your entertainment.  Most of the people watching would probably just sit quietly.  Speaking of which, do we call all the other guys operators?  I've been fuzzy on the distinction between "the" operator and all the other identical looking cats (and then the one black one).
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did some googling for shading realistic cat heads which didn't help me much but searching for cartoon cats turns out to be more useful for me. Nice. 

The US manual for the first game refers to two groups of authority in the Time Factory.

Although the Time Workers Union reports that we have not had a major accident for 7,347 years, we must stay alert for any signs of time leakage or misuse. We’re relying on each and every one of you! 
Remember: Every second counts.
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Time Factory, Inc. 

7347 years is an extremely long period between major accidents (and a very long time for an institution to be running). I can only guess that the severity of the situation and if the tom toms are involved will have an impact on a time sweeper's sense of adventure vs. dread. The Big Crystal incident only occurred a few years after B1Q64 so maybe time sweepers are on edge more than normal.

It's basically WW1 and WW2 20 years later, except the first wasn't a war but a solo mission.

I think the Time Workers Union is the appropriate name for the white coats as a collective, since they're reporting information.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Always more artists to look up to, thankfully.

Well, never thought I'd ask this: is Blinx union?  Really, though, years are mentioned very little in the series, and I'm kind of curious as to whether they're similar in length to our years.  None of the mentions are actually that helpful (all but one name ludicrously long amounts of time), and the best we have to go off of is Benito saying he wants to get back at the cats after "all these years," implying they've been at it for a good while.  Whether that started with BLiNX 2 or not, I'm not sure (they didn't seem "notorious" in the first game like they are in the second), but years have definitely passed in Benito's life, and it's been a notable amount of time.  I guess I kind of described that wrong - it's not that I'm especially curious about the length of a year, but how long these characters live.  I've had this ongoing suspicion that I'm yet to address about them living for a rather long time, as would befit those who have some domain over time.  Nothing particularly important (or seemingly easy to answer), though.  Anyways, definitely noting the board of directors.  Gives a nice name to something.  Seems odd how much effort we've had to put in just to be able to know what to call a bunch of things.

You recall the CEO mentioning that the factory's as old as the universe in the cut dialogue, right?  He mentions it being over 25 billion years old.  People have always needed time :U  Thing about B1Q64, though, is that nobody got hurt (assuming everyone left safely), so it might not count as a major incident.  Definitely a big bad thing happening that was made even more notable by what Blinx did, though.  The big crystal issue kind of jumped straight to the cosmic scale, too, but you probably have a point about more fear of the Tom Toms, seeing as how they would've destroyed a world (which is probably as horrific as it sounds).

See, the thing about the Time Workers Union is that I interpreted that as a labour union comprised of actual workers instead of higher-ups.  That stat would also be very relevant for a labour union to report, since they'd keep an eye on how workers are treated.  The existence of a union kind of clashes with the idea of a very strictly run factory we've had in mind so far, though.  Maybe the union doesn't actually do much of anything, at least in terms of negotiating with administration.  Definitely don't think all those white coats are directors, though, even if the CEO is.  Still unsure about the operator.
catgirl140 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The clock tower in the Time Factory in turns incredibly fast compared to our clocks. And the tower that Green Hat kicks doesn't have its hands turning but the ticking is pretty fast too. I wonder if they're actual representations of how time is measured.

Time in the game is different to our world. It comes in the form of energy which the Three Goddesses can make, measure and cut somehow. It flows throughout the universe and in the case of a major accident, it can vanish. Corrupt time energy forms solid time crystals then become monsters if left unchecked, or it can be sold by the Tom Toms. In reality, time is a human construct and movement is not dependent on time. So perhaps because time has a physical presence in the games, it is subject to different laws of time and space and flows at a different rate. The line "Time energy is vanishing across the universe" said by Operator implies time can be measured as an amount. It may also have an advantage or disadvantage on the body clock of a time sweeper, either the energy itself by nature is "radioactive" or stacking its use has an impact on life span.

The humans that disappeared from B1Q64 became time crystals right?. Maybe everything in the universe is just intrinsically made up of time energy.

But it's easier to assume that time is measured and flows at the same rate. Time was really important in Blinx with the 10 min timer and things like quick time events in Blinx 2 are measured as we'd expect.

The B1Q64 incident was tiny in comparison to the Big Crystal but the first game made a pretty big deal about it, with hundreds of time sweepers staring collectively at the tvs and racing to the gates. I still question why they did that, if all they were going to do was cut B1Q64 from the Time Factory and other worlds. Even if it wasn't considered a major accident, it certainly felt like one at least.

I feel like I've rambled too much.
FinalSoraRiku Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
Yeah, I'm familiar with the clock.  Turns really quickly and seems to only have four hours in a single rotation.  The clock that Green Hat "fixes" ticks just over two times per second, it seems like.  What the hell "time energy is vanishing" even means is a pretty good question, though.  If time flows inconsistently throughout the universe (as would seem likely in worlds who require attention from the sweepers), it seems like it'd definitely screw with a cat's circadian rhythm.  That probably wouldn't be a serious issue, though, since they need a pretty decent number of sweepers on call 24/7 anyhow, and the sweepers just live in the factory from what we gather.  Now that I think about it, though, a society (or at least part of one) that devotes itself to time would probably care to be very specific about it, hence the smaller increments in their measure of time, such as seconds and whatever you want to denote the giant clocks as representing.  You're right about the humans becoming crystals, too - we don't have the best idea of what happens when time runs out, but we do know that a world without time is completely inhospitable both to its native life (i.e. the humans in B1Q64) and to the sweepers, though Blinx seemed to get along a lot better in B1Q64 despite needing to be in a hurry lest time unravel with him there.

I don't think that the measurement of time in the gameplay is really a concern, though.  The computers and clocks exist for the cats; the HUD elements exist for us.  The occasional popping-up of our numbers and letters is very interesting and I don't wholly know what to make of it since the series also has its own written/spoken language (combined with the ancient alphabet, for a total of three languages), but I'm not assuming that the cats measure time like we do just because the gameplay does.  It's kind of like the cat medals - I see no real reason to assume they actually exist, since their existence is never explained and it wouldn't make any actual sense for anybody to go after them in an apocalyptic scenario.  Different measurement of time seems logical enough to me and doesn't really get in the way of anything.  The question of years still stands, though, since we don't know how astronomy works in the BLiNX universe or even if years are based on anything astronomical.  I'd assume that the cats would refer to Time Factory years if so, though, and the Tom Toms might either use Time Factory years as a standard (those who make time might decide how to measure it) or just use their own world's years if, again, it's measured on some astronomical basis.  Not much reason to expect that every world in the universe has years of the same length unless it has a seriously different astronomical makeup, and we don't even know how the different worlds connect to each other.

You're right about B1Q64 being a big deal as it happened.  As you said, there hadn't been a major accident for a very long time, so it definitely would've been shocking news.  Damn, though, I had forgotten about the "protection of other worlds" part.  How are these things connected, and what kind of power does the Time Factory have that enables it to totally separate a world from the rest?
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